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How We Make Our Own Luck As A Small Business

Luck in business, does it exist? Are people successful just because they're lucky people?

“They're lucky” is a term that is bantered around by those that look at other's success, their network of influencers or their perceived wealth with an underlying vibe of ‘why them and not me‘. This is a totally destructive way of looking at those that are doing well in business, and let me explain why in this post.

I have been around the block, seen many successful business owners and many more not so successful business owners. You see companies starting every day and closing at a fast pace. But what I have yet to see is a business that opens on day 1 and lets luck take them to financial glory.

We have a saying in our business and that ‘nothing works until you do'. This isn't new or even very innovative thinking. It comes down to one major factor to keep you on track and that's accountability. Accountability to yourself first and foremost, and accountability to your business.

What has accountability got to do with luck?

Accountability is simple, it's not just recognising when things go wrong and you beat yourself up over it. It's celebrating when things go right as well. Accountability is a 2-part process, and when you lodge it firmly into your business brain you will find a lot of things start to happen

  • Your business stops stagnating,
  • You stop doing the same old same old things
  • You move into new territory.

Come on own up…

Firstly let's look at when it doesn't quite work out as we had hoped, so many business owners I talk to and coach are afraid.  They're afraid of taking a calculated chance of putting out a new project or product that it sits on the to-do board for weeks upon weeks, even into years. The first thing to remember is if you don't find the courage to make a decision ie it's going to happen or you are throwing the idea away, then it will be gathering mental dust forever and you will always wonder ‘what if'.

  • What if you had launched the product?
  • What if you had launched that product when you first thought of it?

We have to be honest with ourselves, if you launch a product and you are not prepared, you have to hold yourself accountable; you could have prepared better, you could have timed it better, you could have worked harder instead of playing on the Xbox or watching netflix. These are realisations if your actions going forward change because of this then you have moved forward. If you sit there in self-pity because ‘you failed' then you are going to have a hard time as a business owner.

Pat yourself on the back

Secondly, if you have achieved your goals and it's all gone well then accept that accountability as a positive, you made that happen, you won that contract, you earned £10k from that product launch you worked your backside off for. Reward yourself as you are the one that has done a fantastic job. Luck played no part in it what so ever.

It's really important to celebrate the wins in business, the feeling of really having achieved something. When you have put the work in, you feel great and you should be rewarded. Go and see that film you have been putting off, grab yourself a bite to eat at your favourite restaurant or buy that book you wanted but felt like it was a self-indulgence.

The reason you do this is so the next time you are working on something you know the reward for your success will be something you cherish.

Far too often we see accountability as a negative, this really doesn't have to be the case but we do have to step up and take  responsibility for our actions or lack of actions to make things happen. Blaming or crediting luck for your business activity removes your responsibility to your business and the people your business serves.

Do we create our own luck or are people just lucky? You tell me

Kevin Arrow
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  • I think it is really important to reward yourself when you achieve something, even just a pat on the back. We can all be such hard task masters sometimes! Great post

    • Thanks Steve, it’s something we never used to do, but what a difference when we started to actually stop and accept the wins and the rewards of course are always nice 🙂

  • Totally agree, it’s really important to celebrate the wins in business. As for luck, I’ve heard people say ‘they were in the right place at the right time’.

    Maybe, but they still have to deliver and put the work in to make a success of it.

    • Thanks Tracey, they do and being in the right place at the right time is in my view a product of taking action and making sure that you have put the groundwork in, its amazing how many times this will happen when you do this 🙂

  • I agree, there is no such thing as luck. It’s being prepared so that you look for and find opportunities and are ready to make the most of them when you do.

  • Absolutely Cathy and the more we show up and consistency put the work in the less we have to look and the more they sort of just present themselves…it’s strange but true 🙂

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