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How To Use The Tough Times In Business To Become Stronger

Often growth is talked about through learning and that is through courses or books or even seminars, however, one of the most overlooked ways of learning is through experience. In a previous post I was talking about change whether that was a choice to make a change in your business or whether that was a change that was pushed on you that was out of your control, either way, it makes no difference as there are a lot of benefits that can come from change and periods of transition within a business.

 The same can be said for challenging times. Some of the greatest lessons can be learned from the obstacles business throws at you, and you will usually find that you grow as a person when the going gets tough. Let's take a further look at some of the ways these challenges and periods of change will make you a better business owner and stronger leader.


During difficult times, you learn to rely on yourself and that; ultimately, you're the one who has to change your current circumstances. Sometimes we need help, and that's to be expected. Even on these occasions, it's usually you who needs to determine whom to ask for assistance and to actually reach out to make contact. Challenge can be a catalyst for learning to take the initiative to do what must be done in order to get back on your feet.Nobody will make a decision for you and neither should they as the responsibility is on your shoulders, this can often be a liberating realisation as you move on and in a stronger position.

Never forget that being self reliant does not mean you are on your own as your team and your advisors/supporters will be there for you but when the crunch comes you have to rely on your own instinct and decision making abilities to get you and your business moving forward.


Challenges often take away something that we once relied on or valued. A loss of regular revenue, for example, this can really impact your confidence and your drive for your business especially if it was unexpected. Dealing with such losses can be difficult. When you are facing this challenge you can feel quite down, maybe even like a failure, It's important to look at the bigger picture, be grateful for the opportunity in the first place and how that will have helped your business and you take another step forward. You may have learnt a new skill during that time, met a great business friend or earned revenue that you reinvested into growing another aspect of your business, it may have even made you decide that part of your business was not viable so the service you offered may not be one you offer in the future.

Whichever way you look at it looking with a view of gratitude will focus on the positives from the situation and allow you to move forward with confidence and a hunger to improve.


Let's face it, sometimes in business, we get it wrong, we are human after all, we missed a deadline, forgot to send an email. Got complacent with a client. There are always lessons to be learnt for us as individuals running a business, there is as I always say ‘room for improvement' and when we stop striving for that we turn around and our business is in trouble.  A lot of clients are very understanding especially if your work is Business to Business, however, its how these situations are dealt with is what forges our development.  It can be an incredibly humbling experience to have to face our own faults, but it's one that usually leads us to be better in some way.


It's natural to experience anger, pessimism, resentment or any other host of negative emotions when things go wrong. You're not expected to be happy about setbacks or problems. However, getting stuck in despair will never move you toward a solution. If you want to improve your situation, it's absolutely imperative that you develop a positive ‘can do' attitude. It doesn't matter if that attitude is one of determination, optimism or sheer stubbornness, As long as it's used in a way to move you forward, you can count it as an asset.

Challenges are unavoidable in business. How you deal with them is what's important. By taking on the tough times, you'll gain a lot more than you ever expected and truly will become stronger in business.

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To your success


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  • Sheer stubbornness, I can relate to that Kevin! Experience is the key, You have to DO something. Getting stuck in a seditary learning mode doesn’t do much for you. Pushing through the fear and taking action will always offer a type of learning and knowledge that you cannot gain any other way…even if that experience is a failure!

    • We have to move forward and make choices to gain experience. I have never failed its a word i particularly dislike as we ALWAYS get something from every move we make even if it’s not the result we were hoping for

  • I agree, Kevin. Even if the world has tumbled around you, remember the experience you have gained from what you have done in the past.

    If you’ve messed up, learn how not to do it again. If you’ve missed an opportunity, put in place processes to prevent this happening again. If you’ve totally lost the plot, you should definitely start again from a clean sheet.

    Regular review of your business and how it works is not only a good thing, but therapeutic. It gives you the chance to look at what you do from a different slant, and getting a third party’s advice can be the difference between make or break in some instances.

    • I couldn’t count the amount of opportunities we have missed, though looking at it they probably weren’t right for us then. People frequently ask how often they should review their business plan, the answer is always as often as you need to every business owner will review it differently.

  • Music to my ears! It’s totally true the issue isn’t really what curveballs or crossroads we experience but how we deal with them. Staying resourceful in the first place is obviously a great place to start so we can better anticipate things and quickly deal with them before we descend onto a deep and dark pit of despair. And even if we do find ourselves there…there’s usually gold to be found in the mud!

    • haha hi colette, i agree totally, the gold in the mud may not even be financial, what is guaranteed is that every turn and decision made always leads to experience and that is golden

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