How To Use The Tough Times In Business To Become Stronger

Kevin Arrow

Often, we talk about growth in terms of learning from courses, books, or seminars, but one of the most potent forms of learning is through experience. Whether change is a deliberate choice or forced upon you, it invariably brings significant benefits during periods of transition within a business.

Challenging times, too, can teach us invaluable lessons, helping us grow personally and professionally. Let's delve deeper into how these challenges and periods of change can transform you into a better business owner and a stronger leader.


Difficult times teach you to depend on yourself. You quickly learn that ultimately, it's up to you to change your circumstances. While it's normal to seek help, you must take the initiative to decide whom to ask and to make the contact. Facing challenges head-on fosters a sense of independence and responsibility, which can be incredibly empowering as you move forward, stronger and more confident.

Remember, self-reliance doesn't mean going it alone—your team and advisors are there to support you. Yet, when critical decisions arise, relying on your instinct and decision-making skills is crucial.


Challenges often involve loss—perhaps a significant client or a steady revenue stream. Such losses can shake your confidence and drive. It's vital, however, to look at the bigger picture and find gratitude for the experience and its contributions to your business growth. Perhaps you developed a new skill, met a valuable business contact, or made strategic reinvestments during this period. Viewing these experiences with gratitude helps you focus on the positives, fostering resilience and a proactive attitude toward future challenges.


Mistakes happen; we might miss a deadline or overlook an email. Every error is an opportunity for personal growth. It's essential to acknowledge our faults, learn from them, and strive for improvement. This mindset ensures your business continues to evolve and doesn't stagnate or decline. Handling mistakes well can also strengthen relationships with clients, particularly in B2B environments, as they often appreciate transparency and dedication to rectifying issues.


It's natural to feel anger or resentment when things go wrong. You're not expected to celebrate setbacks. However, dwelling on negative emotions won't help you find solutions. Cultivating a positive, can-do attitude—whether it's fueled by determination, optimism, or stubbornness—is crucial. This mindset is a powerful tool that propels you forward, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth.

Challenges are an inevitable part of business life. How you handle them defines your path forward. By embracing the tough times, you'll gain more than you might expect and truly strengthen your business acumen.

If you're seeking support as you navigate through business challenges, consider joining the Business Success Dojo Club. It's a place where you can find guidance and camaraderie as you work through your business journey.

To your success,


In essence, the trials you face in business aren't just obstacles; they're opportunities to learn, grow, and become more resilient. Embrace them, and you'll find that each challenge is a stepping stone to greater success.

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Written by Kevin Arrow

Kevin Arrow is the CEO of the Online Visibility Academy where ethical entrepreneurs can train in digital marketing skills

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  • Sheer stubbornness, I can relate to that Kevin! Experience is the key, You have to DO something. Getting stuck in a seditary learning mode doesn’t do much for you. Pushing through the fear and taking action will always offer a type of learning and knowledge that you cannot gain any other way…even if that experience is a failure!

    • We have to move forward and make choices to gain experience. I have never failed its a word i particularly dislike as we ALWAYS get something from every move we make even if it’s not the result we were hoping for

  • I agree, Kevin. Even if the world has tumbled around you, remember the experience you have gained from what you have done in the past.

    If you’ve messed up, learn how not to do it again. If you’ve missed an opportunity, put in place processes to prevent this happening again. If you’ve totally lost the plot, you should definitely start again from a clean sheet.

    Regular review of your business and how it works is not only a good thing, but therapeutic. It gives you the chance to look at what you do from a different slant, and getting a third party’s advice can be the difference between make or break in some instances.

    • I couldn’t count the amount of opportunities we have missed, though looking at it they probably weren’t right for us then. People frequently ask how often they should review their business plan, the answer is always as often as you need to every business owner will review it differently.

  • Music to my ears! It’s totally true the issue isn’t really what curveballs or crossroads we experience but how we deal with them. Staying resourceful in the first place is obviously a great place to start so we can better anticipate things and quickly deal with them before we descend onto a deep and dark pit of despair. And even if we do find ourselves there…there’s usually gold to be found in the mud!

    • haha hi colette, i agree totally, the gold in the mud may not even be financial, what is guaranteed is that every turn and decision made always leads to experience and that is golden

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