Customers Will Pay More When You Show Them the Value

Kevin Arrow

Understanding Customer Value: A Guide for Business Success

The common misconception that every potential client is solely driven by finding the cheapest deal is a pitfall many business owners fall into. However, consumer behavior is far more complex and nuanced. Consider the choice between a Ford Fiesta and a Mercedes-Benz. While both are automobiles, they appeal to different markets for various reasons beyond just price.

Show Customers the Value, Not Just the Price

People are often willing to pay more if they understand the unique value of a product or service. The challenge is to articulate why your offerings may be priced higher than those of your competitors but also provide exceptional value.

Understand Price vs. Value

Price and value are interrelated but distinct concepts. Think of Toyota and Lexus. While both are manufactured by the same company, they are perceived differently in terms of value. Why? Marketing plays a role in shaping these perceptions, but it's your business values and customer interaction that solidify them.

Provide Concrete Examples

Consider two online booksellers with the exact same book in stock. One offers a free preview and a digital copy at a slightly higher price. This approach appeals to consumers who value convenience and flexibility. They get two formats for the price of one, and the tangible book could even become a thoughtful gift.

Leverage Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Your USP, or Unique Selling Point, distinguishes your brand from others. It answers the critical question: Why should customers choose YOU?

Reasons might include awards, industry recognition, or specific skills and experience. If you're a financial coach with a background in Fortune 500 companies, offering insider investment secrets, your “street cred” might place you in higher demand than a competitor without those qualifications.

Enhance Value Without Breaking the Bank

Adding value doesn’t necessarily require significant investment. It’s about creating a perception of greater value for the price, even if it's higher than others.

Offer Supporting Materials

Create bonus items to complement the main product or service. Checklists, FAQs, worksheets, and quick-start guides can all enhance user experience without a hefty price tag.

Utilize Video Content

Demonstration videos with hints and tips can significantly boost the perceived value of your offerings. In an era where online education and video marketing thrive, how-to videos are not just a trend but a best practice.

Build Community Engagement

A free Facebook group or members-only email lists with exclusive offers can add value. Setting up a customer support portal with FAQs may require some effort, but it can translate to increased loyalty and sales.

Emphasizing value over price is not merely a marketing strategy; it's an approach that fosters customer loyalty and drives sales. Brand yourself as a company that offers genuine value, and you'll find that customers are willing to pay more, confident in the knowledge that they are receiving the best deal possible.

Remember, it’s not about convincing customers to spend more; it’s about empowering them to see what they gain from investing in your product or service. Let the true worth of your offerings shine, and watch your business grow.

Kevin Arrow
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Written by Kevin Arrow

Kevin Arrow is the CEO of the Online Visibility Academy where ethical entrepreneurs can train in digital marketing skills

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