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Don’t Be The Headless Chicken; It’s Time To Regain Focus For Your Business

Sometimes the biggest obstacle we face in moving forward after a  major change has occurred in our business is our own sense of overwhelm.

It's scary to wonder where to go from here or how to dig ourselves out of a tough situation. It often seems easier to do nothing or to wallow in self-pity. Now I am no mindset coach and neither do I aspire to be so but I am experienced in business and in supporting business people that are running around like a headless chicken with no real direction on where to go next with their business.   I believe we probably all have been there at one time or another. I recall having the feelings of not knowing what to do first, where to turn for help or which direction to go in. That's when you have to implement a plan of action. Even taking one tiny step forward is a start.

I found that by setting micro-goals really helped when I was facing these changes,  I ‘m a big supporter of planning and setting goals but micro goals took this to a really different level for me when I was flailing

Here's where you can start

Break It Down

Brainstorming helps to unload whats running through your head, It's amazing how creative even the most self-proclaimed uncreative people can be. Take some time to write down all of the ideas you have for ways you can move ahead in your current situation. No matter how small or how far-fetched in fact the more outrageous the better, just get them out. Then begin to break it all down into tangible, manageable and realistic steps you can actually take to overcome your problem. This act alone may help you to feel more powerful and in control of your business, as you can now see the possibilities that may have been blurred before.

Set Milestones

Next, you'll want to set some realistic milestones or checkpoints to help to keep yourself on track. Again, consider taking baby steps to help you overcome the overwhelm by setting your check-ins fairly regularly. Making your first goal post something readily attainable will help to increase your confidence, as well as your motivation to make it to the next milestone. Creating these assessment points also forces you to develop some sort of plan for your goal, rather than just hoping things will get better.

Review Regularly

Take time to regularly review your original goal in order to be sure it's still working for you or that you're even still on the right path. Sometimes we find ourselves set on achieving something that's no longer in our best interests simply because we're too stubborn or scared to assess our circumstances. Reflect honestly on where you're going looking back on the milestones you've passed so far. If it feels right in your gut, keep on moving forward. Should something seem off or if you're not making the progress you'd hoped, go back to the drawing board. Take notes on your situation,

If you are finding that you are not hitting your milestones don't panic or mentally beat yourself up , being aware is a great step forward, reset your milestones and keep going, feel proud in the fact that your resolve and determination won't be wobbled by missing a milestone and that your 3 stage micro plan will be your leaning post for you to move through your challenges with success in its future.

Doing something is always better than doing nothing. This is true when facing times of change. Follow these suggestions for gaining control over the obstacles in your life and moving ahead one baby step at a time. You'll soon see that what you want can be achieved.

Sometimes help is needed as it can be a lonely journey working through these things alone, I felt that way in my early days in business and found a way to overcome that feeling, if you feel the same way, that you want some support and a business sounding board then I invite you to  take a look here at the Business success dojo Club you will be right a home and in a very safe space to be able to explore and overcome your challenges

To Your Continued Success


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  • “Doing something is always better than doing nothing” I totally agree Kevin. However, it can still be hard to work out what the next step is for us.

    There are so many things to try and do & remember as a business owner. Just don’t forget to breathe, and sit still! That usually helps quell the fear of taking the next step, with your support team around you.

    • Hi TJ, thats part of the fun working out the next step but it should never be fear that stops us moving forward.

  • This is amazing advice. It can be so overwhelming running a business, trying to juggle everything you need to do in life can feel impossible, but it can be done, with deep breaths, and following these great tips. I particularly like the idea of breaking it down – so instead of, for example, ‘I have to write a full email sequence’, you think in terms of each individual one. So much less daunting, and it can become fun then!

    Thanks Kevin!

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