Do You Have A Vision For Your Business?

Kevin Arrow

There is a saying that goes like this: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” When running a business, if you skip steps because you think they don’t matter (because you just have a “small” business or you are a “sole trader” and it’s just you), then you’re not going to be able to build a sustainable business that will provide the security and future that you are looking for. A business vision allows you to think big in terms of your dreams, but to also think big in terms of how you can reach those dreams.

While your first goal is likely to turn a profit, there are other things that are important to care about too. Any successful project actually starts with the end in mind. Even if you build houses for a living, the thing you should concern yourself with is the end result of the livable house, not the first nail you hammer. Without a clear picture of the end result, you won’t even know where to put that first nail.

Therefore, starting with the end in mind will help you create a business that is successful because you’ll know where you’re going.

What does A Business Vision Do For You?

1. Helps You Create a Sustainable Business – If you have a vision, you can have a long-term business that grows and evolves as time moves forward. often the steps to achieve change however its rare that the big goal, the vision changes.

2. Creates a Business Not a Job – If you really want a business that lasts longer than week to week and month to month, you need a vision. So many people go to ‘work' and this mindset can be really limiting in reaching our big goal and our vision

3. Helps You Develop a Growing Business – If you want your vision to grow, you will need to know where you’re going so that you can create a plan to get there.

4. Allows You to Live Your Passions and Do What You Love – While the first thing a business wants may be to earn a profit, the first thing

vision for your business
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most people want is to live a happy and flexible life doing what they love. By creating a business vision you can do both.

5. Knowing Your Vision Helps You Choose Like-Minded partners – If you know what you stand for, you can tell those you interview for positions so that you can ensure that together your visions align.

6. Your Vision Signifies to Others What You Stand For – Your business vision will let customers, contractors and employees know what you stand for, above money, well into the future.

7. Your Vision Helps You Know Your Exit Plan – A sustainable business always needs an exit plan. After all, someday you will want to retire, and having a vision can assist and  ensure that comes true.

8. Your Vision Helps You Create Systems – Knowing the end point in mind, you can work your way back to today and create a system to reach your goals.

9. Your Vision Helps You Market to Your Audience – If you know where you’re going, and why you’re going there, and who your market is, you’ll be able to create more targeted marketing messages.

10. Helps Your Offerings Become More Unique – Your business vision enables you to create unique offerings throughout your product funnel, ultimately leading to the big dream vision you have for your business.

It should be clear that having a business vision isn’t optional if you want to be successful. Don’t fail to plan; instead, develop your business vision to align with your beliefs, values, and goals so that you can accomplish your dreams.

To your Success


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Written by Kevin Arrow

Kevin Arrow is the CEO of the Online Visibility Academy where ethical entrepreneurs can train in digital marketing skills

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