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How to Thrive in Your Online Business Despite Unsupportive Family Members

Your first step in setting yourself free from the partner or other family members who trivialize your attempts to make money on the internet is to change your codependent mindset. If you care what they think, it means that their poorly formed opinions of what you do will affect your performance and the effort you put in. So, stop caring. Yes, this is easier said than done. But if you tend to lose sight of why their negative opinion isn't worth acting on, then refer back to the reminders on why "it really is them and not you."

Here are a few tips for emotionally distancing from the stream of negativity from certain family members or a partner, which holds you back from being your best professional self and creating the business you want, on your own terms.

Recognize that they're stealing your energy.

You only have a finite amount of time during the course of your busy day, to put energy into what you love. If part of your personal effort involves trying to convince your disagreeing partner why they should encourage you in your business building efforts, then that's a Sisyphean task. Perhaps your energy is better spent on actually growing your business?

Stop talking to them about business

One of the best ways to block out people who doubt you, don't understand, and don't appreciate that you want to build a business so you can earn money on YOUR terms, is to stop communicating with them about it. For some reason, people feel more satisfied in thinking that a person "doesn't work" than to think that they're growing a business doing what they love. If they want to think this, let them. You have plans to make, people to meet and profits to start earning!

Make better use of your time.

Talking to disbelievers is a counterproductive waste of everybody's time. You're not here to explain yourself or justify your behaviour. Everyone is entitled to pursue what makes them happy, especially if it could mean creating a new stream of income. So if they don't get it, or if they ask you what you're up to professionally with that hint of a frown coming around, just change the subject, politely cut the conversation short, and keep on smiling.

Make your own space.

 The prior point leads into this one. How can you put a stop to the constant negative feedback if they can see what you're doing in order to comment on it? One solution is to become mobile. Surely your husband or wife has their own plans to attend to. While they're up to their own pursuits, you can be off on the laptop somewhere, maybe an internet cafe, maybe the library, maybe holed off in the attic of your own home, where you can be away from their soul-killing commentary and instead using the internet to make mad money! Additionally, if you're "LinkedIn" to family members who don't support you professionally, drop them from your list. You're on LinkedIn to business network, not stoke the fires of potential family gossip. The same goes for Facebook.

Seek out alternative support.

There are many wonderful, creative and enterprising people out there who share your enthusiasm for building an online business or earning money offering up your expert knowledge. If you go to bed at night feeling sapped, wake up to a network of loving and supportive individuals who can cheer you on, offer valuable tips, and help you build something amazing. Just having a group of like-minded spirits to cheer you on and vice versa, can help you move past the negative cycles that slow your professional growth.

Acknowledge that they don't understand, and that's okay.

 It's hard to believe in something you can't even comprehend. Maybe your husband, wife or other family members just can't wrap their head around the idea of being your own boss... working really hard today, for a possible payout later in the years to come.

You could expend precious energy trying to convert them to your mindset, sure.

But if it's going to be like pulling teeth, why bother? Maybe you can even recall scratching your own head at all those rah-rah gurus who somehow mysteriously make money using websites online. Picture trying to convince your former self of what you know now. It takes a long time to get it, doesn't it!

As much as you love your family and friends, if they don't try to understand that's absolutely okay. You'll find life becomes easier when you accept them for who they are, and find yourself with new people who understand this side of you. 

There's no law that says you have to stay unhappy and unsupported.

But doing so is a choice. You can choose to do what elevates your business and makes you happy. You are still you, and you can still support your friends and family. 

And remember, if you want to be accountable to you, and have a business sounding board. Book in a call.

Kevin Arrow
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