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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Running Webinars In Your Business

Imagine this. You are searching the web, looking for information or help on a particular subject. You come across a great blog post. You read it and feel like you really got some value from the content. You keep searching, and you come across a sign-up page for a webinar covering the exact material you're looking for as well.

You sign-up, attend and get to hear an expert talk about the topic of your interest. After you signed up for the webinar, you received a free gift that was relevant to the information you searched for. You were able to ask questions during the webinar and learn from the answers to questions asked by others just like you.

When the webinar was over, your host reached out to you through helpful emails, made a value-rich offer that helped you solve a big problem in your life, and then continued to provide more valuable and free information that you found very helpful.

How would your customers and future clients feel having experienced this?

The answer is simple – the webinar process is more personal and offers so many more opportunities to help someone answer questions and solve problems. That is one of the big benefits of using webinars in your business – you are able to help your audience in a much deeper way.

The following 7 reasons why you should be using webinars to build your business are essential for helping both you and your viewers

1 – Connection With Your Audience

When you run a live webinar you are there in the moment with your audience, you can show your personality and start some rapport with those that are attending. This takes your relationship with your audience to a much deeper level, they get to hear you, maybe even see you but they also get the opportunity in most cases to ask questions and hear your answers there and then.

Building this type of connection is almost as good as meeting a group in person, in fact often because the audience is in a familiar and relaxed environment they feel much more able to interact with you and gain even more value from the webinar itself.

2 – You Can Reduce Your Marketing Costs

Most webinar software companies offer free trials of their software which allows you to get ahead of the game in regards to cost. If you plan it properly you can have 2/3 webinars out running and earning you money before you even pay a penny for the software itself so it becomes self-funding.

Once you work out your traffic funnel for your webinar you will see other marketing costs go down as this will become a primary lead generation activity for you.

3 – You Can Turn Your Webinar into a Product

Study after study shows that online business owners often complain they don't have a product to sell. When you host a free webinar, you automatically have a product that you can sell time and time again, and of course the more you run the more products you will have. With a bit of clever editing, you can turn it even into a multi-module course of more bite sized chunks rather than an hour block at a time.

Running your webinars with this in mind can be a real motivation to carry on delivering your webinar content time and time again.

4 – You Build Your Email List

Free webinars may be one of the most effective, low-cost ways to build your email list. When you run a webinar especially a free webinar people attending expect to put their email address in, its been this way for as long as I can remember. With the new GDPR rules its important to set your expectations with those that register to let them know you will be sending them more emails in the future revolving around the topic of the webinar. So for example, if we ran a webinar (which I actually did) on ‘How to create an epic blog post' the people that attended were told that by subscribing they would be sent more information in the future regarding content creation and blogging. This then lets us (dependant on the software you use) add these people into a segmented list to only send emails on this type of subject.

Hyper targetted marketing is and always has been the best way to market so working this way really ticks the box for successful email campaigns in the future.

5 – You Become an Authority Figure in Your Market

Even if you are scared as can be to run a webinar, your audience doesn't know this. They look up to you as an authority figure in your field. Remember the vast majority of people only care about the content of the webinar. If you have followed the suggestions in this blog post regarding avoiding mistakes when running your first webinar  then you will be prepared as much as you can be.

Remember your primary goal for your webinar will always be delivering amazing content/training get that bit right and any other small challenge you may face can be forgiven

6 – You Can Create an Income Sales Funnel

After you plan, host and complete a successful webinar, you have a powerful component of a sales funnel. You can use that same recorded webinar endlessly to promote the building of a passive income. What exactly does that mean? Think of it like this, and this is a very basic example.

  1. Your write a blog post
  2. Have An in content sign up to a free gift
  3. Send the free gift and offer the webinar recording as a low price entry to your service

It's simple in this format and easily doable by most people. This is a very basic funnel and you can do alot more with this but it gives you the idea as to how it may fit into your site for you to make some sales.

7 – You Build Customer Loyalty

Webinars are great for attracting new customers and clients. They are also excellent for showing your current customer base that they matter to you. They are an easy way to deliver massive value and information to your customers, which builds client loyalty and leads to word-of-mouth referrals.

Being able to communicate directly via a live webinar is always really appreciated by your customers especially if you are selling products or training that have very little personal live training involved.


Webinars are still very very powerful when used properly in your business, of course, they are like all marketing systems never a ‘quick fix' but as a long term strategy for building your reputation, gaining new clients and looking after your existing clients you will be hard pressed to find another way of achieving this.

We continue after all of these years to run webinars and like a lot of systems the more you do the easier you will find them if you are just starting out then you may like this FREE gift of 7 webinar templates to help you start off on the road to running successful webinars for your business

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