What do business veterans and black-belts have in common?

The journey to becoming a black belt (in any martial arts discipline) takes on average 10 years. The martial artist trains on a regular basis, asks for and receives help. They develop their focus and discipline as part of a dojo. Business veterans don’t go it alone. They also train, upskill, learn from other leaders and develop their own focus and determination. AS an entrepreneur yourself, you want to grow a profitable business that celebrates its 10th business anniversary.

You want your business black-belt.

Welcome to the Business Success Dojo

The Next Level Events

Where business start-ups, entrepreneurs and business veterans come together to hear the guest sensei talks on business and motivation and then bring their problems to the mat.

Dojo Training Events

You’ve attended a local dojo meeting. You’re ready to work with a smaller group of business owners and entrepreneurs levelling up your skills. Each month there’s a new training day.


Whether it’s your sales funnel, or strategy, the 2-day business boost will help you map out your business in a safe and supportive environment.  This is working one to one with the appropriate sensei.


Need extra support but prefer 1-2-1, because one size doesn’t fit all? Ask me for the current spaces

Monthly Mastermind

Each month you bring your problems to the mat and support others bringing theirs. Clarity, Accountability and levelling up are all part of the program,

Real World and Virtual Community

Online is great for continuing to build relationships but you want a healthy amount of face to face conversations with other focused entrepreneurs. This is it.

“Kevin helped transform my business”

Kevin is one of those rare business people that has professionalism, genuineness and kindness. He gives his knowledge generously and with patience, and his wealth of experience means his advice comes from a place of experience. If you’re looking to grow your business, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him

Jane Travis

Entrepreneur, Jane Travis

“Kevin is a Business Professional”

Kevin is a business professional who is versatile and commercially driven and highly motivated.His knowledge is broad and his message is always interesting,clear and immediately useful,and I can highly recommend him.

Jim Haran

Entrepreneur, Jim Haran


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