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You Want More Customers?  Then you are in the right place because this is where you are going to find them 

Take Your offline business online

Hey You... Yes You... I know What You Are Thinking

Yep really.. another one of those marketing, businessy, salesy sites thats going to solve all of my problems right? 

Guess again, I'm not in the business of solving your problems, I'm in the business of helping you solve your own problems.

Am i right  in thinking you are a grown up with a real business? Then you can do this, of course you might need a bit of support, maybe a shove in the right direction but ultimatley you started your business and that means you are gonna make it work 

So what now? 


Fed Up With Going It  Alone?

I've been there as well, it can be a lonley old place running a business, every which way you turn theres something new, shinny, innovative, life changing blah blah blah ...

Well lets cut through all of the BS and set you up so you can relax into your genius

Upto Date Marketing

you have to tell people you exist right? well lets show you how without offending every keyboard warrior out there

Sales Support

Oh no selling , it's so dirty to ask someone to pay you... not anymore it isn't i will show you the right ways you can do this that fit perfectly for you

Real People

Learn from someone who has been there, heard all the nonsense, had a brick and mortar business and been fed more hot air and BS than I can remember 

Even Support

I'm not going to let you just get on with it , we are there to answer your questions and support you, ik not doing it for you but you dont need that you just need solid support

What People Say (The Nice Stuff Of Course ;-))


If you are looking for a mentor who is empathetic and both willing and able to think outside the box you will find the ideal candidate in Kevin. Having a lot of experience in successfully marketing both local and online businesses, Kevin has helped me explore new ways of promoting my own businesses and is not shy about pushing me beyond my comfort zone. Always ready to find the positives when I only see negatives, Kevin is a great asset in my corner

Cristina Alciati

/ Personal Trainer & nutrition Expert


What I really like about working with Kevin is his deep understanding of not just marketing a business, but how to actually run a business successfully. This knowledge has helped me to make considered decisions about what I need to do in order to prevent myself from wasting a lot of time and money.

I especially value Kevin's honest approach to giving advice, which has always been spot on even if it is not always what I would like to hear. If you are looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear about marketing and business, then go elsewhere. If you want to know exactly what you need to do to be successful then speak to Kevin. His knowledge and experience is vast!

Susan Marot
/ Sales Trainer


I experienced a huge sense of relief following my conversation with Kevin - he listened to my technical problem and provided clear / accurate advice on getting it sorted! I have done a few programs with Kevin via sarkemedia and online visibility - linked in leads, pinterest, blogging - Kevin provides solid input with straightforward information that you can trust. And even better - he is a lovely guy as well! Highly recommend

Liz Sharpe
/ Mindset Coach

Decision Time

To kick start you I'm offering you 2 FREE challenges, of course they are not easy they're a challenge after all.

Your job is to choose which one you want in on right now. 

1) You want to build and sell to your email list in a way that actually works? then choose the 30 day email List Building Challenge

2) Need to get people to know you exist, to find you and start to actrually talk to you then the 30 Day Business Blogging Challenge is for you. 

Just click the button to get started straight away 

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