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Why Perfection Can Ruin Your Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s a big mistake to work towards perfection, let me say that again as it is one of the most important things you will read on this site, it’s a big mistake to work towards perfection. Why?  It will slow you down, and it’ll also ultimately limit the success you achieve from your effort.

Accepting only perfection stops you from taking action.

The first thing to consider is that there’s actually no such thing as a ‘perfect’ digital marketing strategy or campaign. Whether we’re talking about digital marketing or the world in general, perfection doesn’t exist because what is perfect to one person will not be to another.

In the marketing arena, there will always be something that could be improved upon or an area that didn’t quite hit the mark with your audience. Your website can always be improved. Your email newsletter could always contain better content. The copy or design of your marketing materials will always be subjective.

If you continually strive to make your work perfect before putting it out there, you will either end up never doing it at all, or you’ll wait so long that you will miss out on the opportunity that was originally there. Perfectionism can really slow down the progress of a business or even bring things to a complete standstill. Make things as good as you possibly can and then just run with it!

I have seen this so many times with clients that want ‘professional' because that to them is what perfectionism is, EVERY single time this has happened they have missed out big time, missed out on tenders for contracts because they were too worried that a colour on their website didn't exactly match or the font the dreamed of wasn't quite right for them.  These are just a few REAL LIFE examples I have seen.

It is so important to understand this type of delay for perfectionism is never going to work for you, it will only ever hurt you and your business

You can learn a lot from your failures

What happens when we make a mistake or find that something doesn’t quite work out how we expected? We learn from it and receive a valuable lesson on what not to do next time – or how to improve on it. Likewise, we also learn from our successes because they signal that we need to do more of something.

Waiting for perfection means that you will ultimately limit your success because you will never truly learn from your mistakes. This doesn’t mean that you should skimp on digital marketing or deliberately put something out there that you know is poor quality that would just be stupid – but what it DOES mean is that you should research, plan, launch and then closely monitor your results. Stay in tune with what’s actually happening and then learn from what happens or doesn't happen


Remember perfection doesn’t exist, it doesn't exist in sales conversations, it doesn't exist in digital marketing. You should do everything in your power to make sure that your digital marketing is as good as it possibly can be and then just go with it. Start small, track your results, and improve them over time.

If you are new to Digital Marketing or had a bad experience it's time to consider getting someone with experience on your team, this doesn't mean selling your youngest child to fund it, what it means is while you grow your skills and confidence in your digital marketing skills you have someone there who has been there and done it, someone who has the experience to tell you what's GOOD ENOUGH and what's not.

If you want to explore having a digital marketing professional in your corner then let's have a no-obligation chat.

Kevin Arrow
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