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What Types of Social Proof Should You have on Your Website?

You have an awesome looking website, your efforts have produced the most stunning experience for your visitors but is it convincing people you are the company to deal with?  I have introduced you to the concept of social proof

Now it's time to start using your website to take people to the next level, converting those browsers and visitors into leads and customers. Adding social proof to your website can greatly increase its conversion rate. This is why so many brands prominently display testimonials and other types of social proof on each page, all you have to do is look at amazon or eBay to see just how important ratings and reviews are People make decisions about what to buy largely based on what their peers say, Reviews can tip the balance in your favour.

It’s even more important if you are selling online, maybe you are a course creator or have digital products. . When shopping in an actual store, we can pick up items, handle them, and check them out. Without the ability to do that, we rely even more on what others who have already purchased the product or service say.

Here are some types of social proof that can boost your website’s conversions.

Buyer Testimonials

Testimonials are recommendations written by customers singing the praises of your product or service. A good testimonial has an image of the customer’s face and their personal explanation of the value and impacts your products have made. They can also be video testimonials.

Real-Time Statistics

Put a counter on your site telling visitors how many people have purchased, joined, or visited your site. This shows that they’re not the only ones. Others have taken you up on your offer as well. You can add a counter using website plug-ins be aware though that these HAVE to be genuine as there are a lot of fake counters out there, don't be one of those businesses that use those 🙂

Social Media Activity

A similar type of plug-in shows your social media activity on a sidebar of your website. It displays people interacting with you on platforms like Facebook and Twitter in real-time. The plug-in can also allow the visitor to join you on social media or interact directly with your content there. These can work well if you have spent a lot of time building and engaging with an audience.

Online Reviews

List your business on online review sites and show the content on your website or provide a link where people can go to read reviews. Reviews are an essential part of making online buying decisions.

Certifications, Memberships, and Awards

If you belong to any industry groups, post this on your website. This works as a kind of indirect social proof by showing that you’re a legitimate part of your industry. Show any certifications or awards you’ve won as well. These demonstrate your worth and show you as someone trustworthy. Also, display any awards you’ve won.

Offer Educational Opportunities

If you teach, you can use this as a great form of social proof. On the front page of your site, mention that you offer coaching, webinars, online courses, or some other type of educational opportunities. If someone is able to teach, this shows they have expertise in their field. Add content that shows you teaching, most course platforms like this one offer you the chance to even give away a part of your course for free to build that trust.


One thing is for sure, being online with all of the competition you face means you have to set yourself out from the crowd as much and in as many different ways as possible, people are sceptical about buying online and by adding in social proof this massively tips the scales in your favour. What I can guarantee you is if you neglect this part of your website you will be missing out on sales opportunities and you won't even know about it.

If you want to learn more about social proof and other sales and marketing techniques the feel free to check out HERE

Kevin Arrow
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