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Top Marketing Tips for New Business Owners

All businesses need marketing and often I see companies and individuals just stumbling around with their marketing often due to either time (lots of time so lots of marketing or no time so no marketing) or budget one minute they have spare cash the next they don't.

The best way to make sure your marketing is successful is to create a marketing plan, now this may sound very formal and scary but what it does is makes sure you have a consistent marketing system no matter how busy or quiet you are so the leads and sales coming into your business should be a bit more stable.

Creating a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan will include the following:

* A short description of your company
* Your mission and goals
* Your core money-making focus
* Where you are today within the market
* Who your competitors are
* Who your target market is
* The marketing mix
* The strategy and tactics you plan to use to reach your audience
* A schedule to implement
* Your overall budget

It's important to do this because without a plan, you will end up with big highs in business and big lows and ultimately your business will be erratic at best as far as sales and cashflow go.

Create a Marketing Strategy and Tactic for Each Outlet

If you plan to have a marketing mix of a website, a blog and social media along with offline marketing such as radio or  newspapers, you need to write it all down and create a special strategy and tactics for each. Your marketing mix offers different ways to reach your audience as it should, but they can't all live together in the same individual strategy, and your tactics will be different for each channel and sub channel.

For example: Your Facebook marketing strategy, while it falls under social media marketing, will not look the same as your Twitter strategy or your LinkedIn strategy, because they're as different as a nightclub and a barn.

Be Realistic About Your Budget

If you, like most small businesses, have a small marketing budget, it's important to focus on what works. In this case, social media and online marketing are going to be more effective for your business because it costs a lot of money to get involved with radio advertising.

Facebook ads for example can be fantastic at raising awareness of your business and are not bank breaking  because you can set your budget and let them loose.

Create an Awesome Website

Don't skimp on your website. Today, you can make an excellent website without much knowledge using self-hosted WordPress. You can even hire someone to build a good website using WordPress as long as it doesn't have too many bells and whistles like forums, membership options, and shopping carts.

So be realistic about that, too. If you need those things, spend the money that needs to be spent to ensure the website works. Many businesses fail before they get started due to a poorly created website.A well designed website will let you level it up as you grow and your resources become more available. A great place to start if you are on a very tight budget is here

Finally, create and open social media accounts.

There are lots and lots of social media platforms out there now and the amazing thing is that the majority of them are free to register and set up an account  Fill out the profiles all the way – include pictures, include information. add in your business website and links to other social channels these all add up to being found for your business and strengthen your online presence.

Remember, this is sort of like a resume for your customers. If you hide who you are, and aren't “real,” they're going to ignore you as if you aren't even there. You want people to learn about your business so be yourself, be likeable, and be trustworthy and accurate in your representation of your business.

If you need help with any of this you can always book a call in with me (discovery calls are always FREE) and lets see where you are with your marketing.

To Your Success

Kevin Arrow
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