Thinking Of Recorded Or Automated Webinars Then Read This First

You may have guessed by now I love webinars and delivering master class training when they are done the right way, with you the viewer in mind.  Once you have run your first webinar it becomes addictive (in a good way) the excitement of sharing your skills and expertise and interacting with people  has such a great feel about it, however you can't always be everywhere at once so pre-recorded webinars start to pop up on your radar as something you may be interested in running.

Pre-recorded webinars are in my opinion an essential part of marketing your business, however like all techniques and strategies there are the right ways and the wrong ways to run them, in this post I am going to share with you both sides of the pre-recorded webinar story and you can make your mind up as to whether it's for you or not.

The Reasons For Running  Pre Recorded Webinars

A recorded webinar gives you a way to offer free, valuable content to a targeted audience for as long and often as you want it to run for. This means that your viewers can watch it when it's convenient to them and for you, well you have an awesome training that is running and working for you when you are off doing other things in your life or business.

You build your email list automatically. You absolutely must be building a list of people that are interested in what you have to say or offer. Webinars have shown to be really effective for building an email list pretty quickly, an automated or pre recorded webinar will work without complaint for your business.

Automatically create a product you can sell. As long as you add some really incredible value and information that appeals to a target audience, a recorded webinar becomes a product you can sell that helps people. You can use a live webinar as the basis to edit then re use as a pre recorded webinar then again package it into a mini product.

You save time. Host and record a webinar once, and you can use it for marketing, sales, building an email list, and for any other number of business benefits.When you have multiple automated webinars running you really do start to build something quite special that is like an employee that doesn't need breaks or even sleep and continues to help you build your business.

You increase conversions  – webinars whether live or automated convert at a very high rate, why? because they get to at the very least hear your voice, sometimes see you on camera and then they get the follow-up communications via email. These 3 parts accelerate the trust process and allow people to make a decision much quicker because they feel they know you much better.

Trust and authority building – when you run a webinar that is focussed on value and not selling or self-promotion then your audience will trust you a whole lot quicker than if you don't. Automated webinars give you the same effect they will feel more connected to you having heard what you have to say.

The Not So Good Things

Recorded webinars that are offered as live webinars are just wrong and misleading. There's a special feeling to live conference calls and webinars. Don't ever advertise a recorded webinar as live or your audience will see through your “fake” marketing message, and you can do a lot of damage to your business.

There is no sense of urgency. When your audience knows a webinar has been recorded (and you should never mislead your prospects by marketing a recorded webinar as live- it needs saying twice), they don't feel like they have to listen right now. They will often put off listening until a later date, and never end up benefiting from your webinar content.

Your content can become stale. The Internet is a rapidly changing business model. Because of this, the information you give in a webinar may not be relevant only months or even weeks after you recorded the webinar. This means a pre-recorded webinar can be irrelevant to your listeners rather quickly in some cases.


Using webinars wether they are live or pre-recorded is a fantastic way to build your email list, to build your reputation and to get people into your sales funnels . Providing you use them the RIGHT way your audience often won't care if it's pre-recorded or not as long as the webinar delivers on its promise. you also have to keep at the very heart of all you do with webinars the following question

‘How would I feel if I were to watch this webinar?'

If your answer is you felt good, maybe you felt you learned something or even just felt better off having watched that webinar then you have your webinar nailed.

Let me know your experiences of live webinars Vs pre-recorded webinars in the comments below

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Written by Kevin Arrow

Kevin Arrow is the CEO of the Online Visibility Academy where ethical entrepreneurs can train in digital marketing skills

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