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The Power of the Frequency Illusion in Marketing

As a business owner looking for business success you may have heard of the frequency illusion, no? well even if you have read on as it's a fascinating reminder of how we behave and how companies like yours can use this to generate more enquiries even sales in your business

You've made the decision to buy a new car you have even decided on the colour that you have rarely seen, it may be a special edition. You start to notice them everywhere, even your neighbour has one parked in their driveway. You see more of them when you're out driving, going to the local shops, dropping one of the children off at school or college and it seems like every advert on the television and on the radio is about that car. It doesn't happen just with cars when you're trying for a baby you notice every pregnant woman, every baby in a buggy…maybe you've decided it time for a new laptop, and everytime you open a newspaper there it is looking at you.

This is known as “frequency illusion” or the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. It's what happens when you encounter something new and then you notice it everywhere.

Successful companies use this frequency illusion concept in their marketing techniques to their advantage. They discover a way to expose their target market to the same content, in different ways, through different channels.

This can be achieved by designing a marketing campaign that uses social media content along with videos. Your message is being conveyed in different formats, but your company is being exposed over and over again, eventually, the customer makes a purchase.

You have to be creative in finding ways where you can expose your customers to your products and information repeatedly without being a pest, or to give it it's full name; spammer. This way they become accustomed to seeing your name and brand associated with a particular product. When it comes time to purchase this product they will buy from you without thinking twice.

As we mentioned earlier the best way to do this is by offering the same content in multiple ways. You can do this by using any of the following methods:

  • Turning your blog posts and articles into audio content
  • Creating videos out of your content
  • Adding graphical images and quotes to your material and posting it to your social media sites
  • Tweeting out portions of your content
  • Creating book trailers
  • Re publishing on linkedin pulse
  • Creating FB or Periscope lives from your content
  • Publishing a podcast

What you're doing is repurposing your content in various ways. Once you get used to doing this you will find that it is an extremely effective way to get more traffic to your website as well as to your physical location, if you have one.

The frequency illusion also applies to your branding. You want to have a great logo designed and then broadcast this all over the place. Use it in all your advertising materials and on your business cards. You could even get company tee-shirts made up and give them away to your employees as well as to your customers. Talk about free walking advertisements.

You definitely want to use the power of frequency illusion in your marketing today. Research has shown that the more someone is exposed to a particular brand or product the more likely they are to become a buyer.

How have you experienced the frequency illusion, leave me a comment and let me know

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