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The No 1 Reason Your Marketing Plan Fails…

You've got the planner, you've got the big vision and you've got everything (and I mean everything) in alignment, but you did the same last year and it didn't happen for you. The no 1 reason that your marketing plan fails is that you don't act upon it.

You can write your marketing plan in infinite detail but without action to back up what you've written, your grand vision will not become a reality.

Action is part of planning, it's the part that inspires your dreams to reality.

But that's not the only reason your marketing plan fails…

Oh no, there are other things you need to know about to make sure your marketing plan succeeds. Because without these this year your dreams won't happen. In this article, I'm going to share with you the other things that impact your marketing plan's success.

Not Understanding Your Audience

Running a successful business requires a lot of research and dedication to getting to know your audience intimately. That means not only for today, but in the future as well. Audiences change. Technology changes. Lifestyles change. Whilst some core things remain the same (Will I make enough money? Will I be able to find the right life partner? Will my kids be safe and happy?) everything else changes. I'm in my 40s, I've experienced incredible technological advances in my lifetime. My needs from 5 years ago are not the same as they are right now. I'm not the same person I was 5 years ago, I've grown.  Your audience grows too. This means you need to check their pulse on a regular basis.

Not Understanding Your Products

Do you know every product that you offer your audience and do you know why you offer them? What benefits do they give your audience? Don’t just know how to list the features of your products. The audience only cares about the benefits and you should be able to explain your products from their perspective. Often products don't sell as there's little market fit, or the ability articulate the market fit.  Each product you create has a dream client, and it's not always the same dream client. Often, the dream client is changing and growing, and you're not taking their needs into account they will find someone who will. This is one of the hardest and most painful lessons of entrepreneurship, and one that I help my clients overcome on a regular basis.

Not Setting Measurable Goals

If I hear another entrepreneur tell me that FB ads is the answer to their problem, then I'll brain them ( a very British term for smacking someone hard on the head).  Many business owners just run advertisements without really knowing why, or even who their dream clients are and the demographics of their audience.  Set something measurable so you can measure the impact. If you don’t have a specific goal such as increasing your email list by 100 subscribers in one month, it will be hard to know if what you’re doing is working.

Not Setting Realistic Goals

If you have a budget of 100 a month, you may not be able to reach 1000 new subscribers in a month, or hire someone to write 20 new articles for your blog. Therefore, work with your budget or around your budget to meet a goal. However, don’t create a goal based on budget; only create the plan based on the budget.

Not Understanding Why You Do Things

You want to add people to your email list, but why do you want to do that? What is the point of your goal? If you can’t understand the reason behind your goals then it will be impossible for you to fulfill them. This also means that when you know why something needs to happen that you'll actually stick with this and not flit around like a butterfly, changing your goals to fit what you know, and then wondering why they don't work. This is another one of the reasons that your marketing plan fails.

Not Knowing How

Many people are afraid to admit that they do not know how to do something and need more education. If you can find a way to identify gaps in your education, and find tutorials or coaching to teach you, you’ll be more likely to achieve your goals.

Not Knowing Who

No one does things alone in their business. They outsource, they hire trainers and coaches, and virtual assistants etc. If you don’t know who is going to help you reach your goals and implement your plan, how can you achieve it?  When you write out your marketing plan, also write out who is going to do each part of the plan and when.

Not Following Through

Many entrepreneurs actually do all the planning but never implement a darn thing.  Fear of success or fear of failure, it doesn't matter both have the same impact on your marketing plan. If you don’t follow through you will not see the results that you want.

Marketing plans don’t really fail if they are created and then implemented. The reason is that a marketing plan changes with the times, objectives and goals. As long as you are working the plan, you will more than likely find success.

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