Supercharge Your Marketing with Customer Testimonials

Kevin Arrow

Social proof is essential because it demonstrates your value to potential customers by showing what actual users think about you. We make purchase decisions based on what our peers think. Social proof shows that you’re trustworthy, that you offer value and you focus on having happy customers by delivering not only an exceptional service or product but an experience that shows you value each and every client.

You need to work social proof into your regular marketing mix so potential clients can make a buying decision and feel confident that they have made the right choice. An easy and effective way to do this is with testimonials.

What Is a Testimonial?

A testimonial is a recommendation written by someone who has used your products or services, sharing their experience with the reader. It’s more in-depth and personal than a review, but not as detailed as a case study. The purpose is to quickly show potential users what they can expect and help them make the right buying decision. Often testimonials will go into more depth about the experience of dealing with your company, things like was the product or service as they expected it to be, how easy was it to buy from you, if there was a problem or a need to contact your company how good…

How to Get Testimonials

Testimonials are easy to get, but you have to ask for them. Whenever you receive a good bit of feedback from a customer, ask them if you can use it on your website. For example, a customer sends you an email telling you they really enjoyed your product. Reply asking if you can use the email as a testimonial, or if they’d like to write a new version.

Even better, create a system for procuring testimonials. As part of the follow-up to each sale, reach out and ask if the person would leave a good word for you. Provide a form to make it easy for them and automate to make it easy for you. Don't jump in too quickly with the ask so for example if the delivery time is 3 days don't ask 1 day after purchase …that's just annoying and seems desperate. Send a nicely crafted email asking how they are finding the product or service so far and would they help others out by leaving you a testimonial.

How to Use Testimonials

Once you start gathering testimonials, there are many ways you can use them:

* Post them prominently on your website, especially on pages where you want visitors to take action.
* Share on social media, both as your own testimonials and sharing the content of others.
* Put testimonials on your landing page or sales page.
* Include them on the sidebar of your blog where they’ll be seen but not distracting.
* You may want to create a testimonials page on your website where you say, “See what other people are saying about ___.”
* Turn parts of testimonials into quotes to use as blurbs or press releases.


Testimonials help to build the big picture up of your business, they help new customers make a buying decision and should without a doubt be a big part of your follow-up strategy to help build your business. There is no downside to testimonials think of it as providing another level of service by putting your prospect's mind at ease knowing if they buy from you they are more than a few quid in the bank but you deliver on your promises and support them as a customer to the highest level.

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Kevin Arrow
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Written by Kevin Arrow

Kevin Arrow is the CEO of the Online Visibility Academy where ethical entrepreneurs can train in digital marketing skills

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