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The Business Success Dojo:  Where Small Business Owners Find Support 

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Business Success
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Small Business Support
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Hi, My Name Is Kevin Arrow

You might be wondering just what the Business Success Dojo is all about.  Let me take a few minutes of your valuable time to explain. It's only 2 minutes, and I promise your time won't be wasted.

Back in 2002 I started my first business, I was a new father and worked from a bedroom office. It was a struggle as space was limited, and our family was growing. I started a courier business with just me, a phone, a computer plus a whole lot of determination. 

Starting in business was challenging. I was trying to balance business my new born baby.  Sarah my wife was helping, and I was trying to learn new techniques to get revenue in so I could provide for them financially.  If you're in business you probably have experienced the same challenges. Information was harder to come by back then, I was new to running a business so had no real contacts. My friends and family were all employed, so advice and useful support was hard to come by. 

I found a goverment run scheme which advised start up business owners on how to develop and grow a business. Great! I thought this will really propel me into great heights of business having an experienced advisor supporting me. How wrong was I? I was assigned a retired middle manager that had NO previous experience in running a business (let alone a startup) and the advice given was text book generic advice that was  unuseable in my circumstances. 

How did I get to 15 years in business?

I was fortunate enough that Sarah my wife with a degree in Recruitment and an understanding of marketing came into the business 

I quickly established if we were to grow this business I needed people around us and I needed someone to bounce ideas off of that had real world experience. 

I went networking to build up contacts of business owners that understood how it was to be in business. I looked for a sympathetic ear, and I found both, which was great. I took on a business coach that helped me develop skills and brainstorm ideas. I invested to increase the business and develop me as a business leader. 

What become clear out of all of this activity was the absolute need for me to be in an environment with other business owners where I could honestly (and confidentially) talk business without judgement. And this wasn't available through networking or coaching. I just had a strong desire to support as well as listen to advice from others that had faced (or were facing) the issues surrounding business growth. 

Even after years of searching, I found it difficult to source an envoronment with the level of support I was looking for. So in 2014 I set up my very first Business Dojo mastermind group. I invite a select group of business owners into it. All I asked for was time commitment, and now 3 years on we have ALL grown, increased our revenues and built more successful businesses than when we started out 

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Helping Small Buiness owners
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Why YOU should join A Business Mastermind?

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When you join a mastermind group a number of things happen that going it alone doesn't allow for 

1) Support -You get support from other business owners - yes this is a real thing in my mastermind groups.  The feeling of going it alone goes, and you feel much more confident moving forward in your business

2) Accountability - one of the biggest challenges in business can be making yourself accountable for the actions and time you spend in your business. With my three tiered  approach of  accountability via the group calls, the the buddy system and the FB group for accountability you will  succed in achieving, at a pace that works for you.

3)Investment - when you invest in yourself and the development in your business you internally recognise that you are making a much bigger commitment to your business and it's success. 

4) Belonging - Belonging to one of my mastermind groups is crucial. The power of having a safe space to be able to share, to vent, to celebrate and to brainstorm shouldn't be underestimated. These are all part of a fully engaged and supportive mastermind group. The Business Dojo gives you peace of mind as well as a place to belong.

5) Commitment - When you commit to a mastermind group for 12 months you are commiting to the ongoing development not only of your business, but of yourself as well.  A progressive business owner that takes thier own developmenet seriously is much more likley to be a successful business owner​. This sounds like you.

These are just a few of the reasons you should get involved in the Business Dojo mastermind group 

What's In The Business Success Dojo?

This is a 12 Month Mastermind program. A lot will be achieved in 12 months, and with my passion and leadership in the mastermind plus your commitment and work ethic,  everybody involved will be guaranteed to move their business forward. 

Why Only 12 months?

This is the start of your journey in being involved in The Business Success Dojo mastermind. Once you have successfully levelled up yourself and your business within these 12 months, we will have the conversation on a 1-2-1 basis as to where you go next. You'll decide the best option for YOU and there will be multiple possibilities. I will NOT just leave you hanging around wondering what to do next.  ​

Mastermind Group
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Monthly Group Call

Each month we wil have an entire  group call focussing on business. We will discuss aspects of business that affect us all and how throughout the month we can hold each other accountable for the action required to be successful in business.

Business Support
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Monthly Splinter Group Call

There will be smaller groups and each group will get its own call which is more focussed than the monthly group call. There will be a hotseat open and lively discussions around business and problem solving 

Small Business Mastermind
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Accountability is paramount to success in business. Often by saying we will achieve something is a step in the direction of self accountability as we have aired that desire. The dojo is a place you can talk freely about your goals in a confidential environment 

Small Business
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Sometimes we need perspective and we can't see the wood for the trees. Being able to brainstorm an idea or problem amongst other business owners is a great way to solving any problem faced in business. The business success dojo allows this process to happen in a friendly and supportive environment whilst being confidential in nature

Small business mastermind
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Being a business owner can be lonely and finding support can be difficult. The aim of the dojo and its members will be to offer support to each other 

Business Mastermind
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Ideas without action are just ideas. Ensuring action is taken month on month is paramount to success in business and thats exactly what the dojo will help you with. Under my guidance and the groups ongoing accountability focus action irrespective of outcome will be essential for any dojo member 

The Dojo's 2 Biggest Core Values

Mastermind Values
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For any mastermind group to work for everyone involved honesty is a key component

It's often difficult to find a place where you can talk openly and freely about your business or your circumstances which is why the Dojo has a very firm belief that this element is crucial to the progression of any dojo member. 

Of course all members will sign Non Disclosure Agreements and a contract of confidentiality but more than that there is a moral duty to adhere to this value. I have seen over the years people holding back which leads to frustration for the person invlved and for the group . All things discussed in the dojo stay in the dojo. 


Support is crucial to the succes of any dojo and its members. 

Over my career in business (and having run very large teams) the one component that has always been at the core of any success  is the support offered. At the dojo the is an absolute belief that supporting others benefits us all. When the chips are down we give help and support. This  creates an environment where anything is possible

The Arrow's support is legendary from the support we give our clients to those that come through our groups. Being in a truly supportive environment as a small business owner is crucial to success, it's an absolute must-have to continue in what can be a lonely and difficult  environment.  You can push through knowing you have people cheering you. You'll love feeling good about your business and your success. 

support for business owners
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I guarantee that by joining The Business Success Dojo you and your business will make progress. You will move your business forward (however that may look and feel) Exciting times lay ahead if you are brave enough

*Apply Today*

Application for the next Dojo Closes Soon 


12 Payments

  • 12 month commitment
  • 12 Monthly Payments
  • Recordings
  • Group Support

£ 98.00

6 Months

2 Payments

  • 12 Month Commitment
  • 2 Payments
  • Recordings
  • Group Support



1 Payment

  • 1 Off Payment
  • Best Price
  • Recordings
  • Group Support



1-2-1 Coaching/Mentoring

  • 1-2-1 Session
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Tailored Plan
  • 1-2-1 Support


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