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Brought to You by Kevin Arrow Purchased Your Planner And Seen The Dojo Club... What Next?

The Dojo Club is a place for people like you, people that want to take action , that are committed to making thier business better and better each day 

Being part of the Dojo is a responsibility as well as a way of building your business. What do i mean by this? 

Further down the page you will see exactly wh yyou should join the Dojo club and what it will do for your business but that's not the end of it for our Dojo members. 

We also take supporting other really seriously here, mutual support lifts everyone and your involvement is a responsibility to all members that we encourage adn buil together

At the Dojo Club

At the Business Success Dojo Club, we have used our years of business, marketing and sales experience to put together a club that will give you exactly what you need to move you and your business forward. 

Who is the Club for:

  • Are you looking to build your business?
  • Do you feel like you have no safe space to share your frustrations and your wins?
  • Do you find it difficult to find good useable training that actually makes a difference
  • Are you worried that you are loosing your focus?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with the things that just are not working in your business?
  • Do you have that feeling of being on your own and nobody else cares? 
  • Are you looking for structure towards your training, having quality training avaliable to move you forwards
  • You find yourself dithering about, needing to have some level of accountability (who doesn't) 
  • You need to be part of something with great ethics and true values that helps makes oyu feel like you are not alone?

If this describes you then you are in the right place

His knowledge is broad and his message is always interesting

Kevin is a business professional who is versatile and commercially driven and highly motivated.His knowledge is broad and his message is always interesting,clear and immediately useful,and I can highly recommend him.

Jim Haran  //  Business Owner

No nonsense approach

Kevin  has a no nonsense approach to digital marketing. He draws upon his ever increasing knowledge of technical products and applications to offer the most appropriate solution to your needs. Any business that wishes to grow and thrive in today's online market would do well to heed and follow his advice.

Alice Elliott  //  The Fairy blogmother

Who Am I?

Back in 2002 I started my first business, I was a new father and worked from a bedroom office. It was a struggle as space was limited, and our family was growing. I started a courier business with just me, a phone, a computer plus a whole lot of determination. 

Starting in business was challenging. I was trying to balance business my new born baby.  Sarah my wife was helping, and I was trying to learn new techniques to get revenue in so I could provide for them financially. 

If you're in business you probably have experienced the same challenges.

Information was harder to come by back then, I was new to running a business so had no real contacts. My friends and family were all employed, so advice and useful support was sparce. 

I found a goverment run scheme which advised start up business owners on how to develop and grow a business. Great! I thought this will really propel me into great heights of business having an experienced advisor supporting me. How wrong was I? I was assigned a retired middle manager that had NO previous experience in running a business (let alone a startup) and the advice given was text book generic advice that was  unuseable in my circumstances. 

How did I get to 15 years in business?

I was fortunate enough that Sarah my wife (and now business partner) had a degree in Recruitment and an understanding of marketing and she came into the business 

I quickly established if we were to grow this business I needed people around us and I needed someone to bounce ideas off of that had real world experience. 

I went networking to build up contacts of business owners that understood how it was to be in business. I looked for a sympathetic ear, and I found both, which was great. I took on a business coach that helped me develop skills and brainstorm ideas. I invested to increase the business and develop me as a business leader. 

What become clear out of all of this activity was the absolute need for me to be in an environment with other business owners where I could honestly (and confidentially) talk business without judgement. And this wasn't available through networking or coaching. I just had a strong desire to support as well as listen to advice from others that had faced (or were facing) the issues surrounding business growth. 

Even after years of searching, I found it difficult to source an environment with the level of support I was looking for. So in 2014 I set up my very first Business Dojo mastermind group. I invited a select group of business owners into it. All I asked for was time commitment, and now 3 years on we have ALL grown, increased our revenues and built more successful businesses than when we started out 

This year 2018 was when I decided the time was right to help and support other business owners more by launching this club , Sarah and I chose to launch the Dojo club to be able to help all levels of business owners , from those just starting out to those that were established but needing 'something' extra

The decision to include our marketing sales and business training was one that was thought out thoroughly as we put alot of time in making sure our traiing works, that its delivered in the best way we can and that those that join our community get the very most out of it and legendary levels of support.

Therefore we came up with 3 options for peope to join us in our new club. 

Which membership level is for you?

 We have three levels avaliable

Build It

Build It Level

Monthly Mini Challenge - every month we will run a mini challenge to help move your business forward

Group Support - get support and advice from other dojo members 

Group Activities -In A Closed Facebook Group

Ask Your Questions - Unlimited Questions In The Group giving you feedback and advice

Support - of a community of business owners dedicated to delivering excellence.

On The Mat - An opportunity to come and ask your questions live and get advice and guidance for any specific issue you may be facing in your business


Growth Level

All The Build It Level Plus

Live 4 Week Training programs - 6 Times Per Year we deliver live training the covers a variety of businesss skills. Each session will comprise of 4 modules delivered live, A workbook, checklist then a live Q&A session 

1 x Planner Every Month - to focus on an area of business delivered with a video walking you through how to use the planner to get the very most from it


Master Level

All Growth Level Plus

Monthly Private Mastermind - Session once per month in a confidential driven environment

1 x 30 minute 1-2-1 - call with a member of the business success dojo team focussed on your needs

Master Level Group - Exclusive access to master Level private FB Group here you can csarry on the mastermind conversation and really open up 

Balanced and yet expansive view of business

I would not hesitate to recommend Kevin, he has a very practical and balanced and yet expansive view of business. He is someone you absolutely want to have in your corner, as he will help you see the wood through the proverbial trees and help you get through any obstacle you might be facing or struggling with, even if that is with yourself! 

Carrie Eddins  //  Pr Professional

Truly 'world class'

Kevin is possibly the best example of outstanding customer service I have ever received, truly 'world class'. Kevin Arrow is an expert in his field delivering great results with high integrity. I can honestly say that the day I decided to ask for Kevin  help was the day my business was transformed. I cannot recommend Kevin highly enough.

Paul Atherton  // Sales Trainer

                  Time To Commit

You've seen our testimonials and our 3 membership levels it's now time to choose which one is the best fit for you. Our Master Level does only have a limited number of places avaliable so if you are thinking of that you need to join whilst the buy button is still live. 

Once you have bought you will get sent a link to join the Fb group and you can join the others in the community where sarah and I will welcome you in on the start of your next adventure 

Build It level 

Monthly Membership 

£10 Per Month

Growth level

Monthly Membership

£77 Per Month

Master level

                 Monthly Membership                     (Limited Number Of Members)

£247 Per Month

Esther Nagel

Balance & Breathe

If you are looking for support to help you improve your marketing, get more visible, improve your business writing and other content creation and much more, you really need to speak to Kevin and Sarah Arrow. I have been one of their Visibility VIPs for a while, and while I have had many rollercoaster moments in my business, including a LOT of chasing my tail and feeling overwhelmed and confused, Kevin and Sarah have been the most incredible support I could possibly hope for. They are super knowledgeable about their craft, having built up first a locally based business and then an online business with international reach and industry acclaim. If you need to grow your business and reach more of your ideal clients, they really are the people to talk to.

And they will make you laugh loads while doing it, and be your biggest cheerleaders when you need that boost

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