Overwhelmed With Digital Marketing? Stop and Regroup

For small businesses, digital marketing can quickly start to become overwhelming. There are so many opportunities there for you to explore, but just how do you actually go about taking advantage of them and fitting them all into your schedule? Which digital marketing strategies should you be using, and how do you go about implementing them successfully? What about tracking the results of your campaigns? Every week there seems to be something new to master where do you start? How long do you give something a try before you move on?

If you are feeling more than a little weighed down and confused by digital marketing, you’re certainly not alone. Some studies have revealed some surprising facts that suggest many small business owners are feeling overwhelmed and aren’t achieving the results they would like from their efforts.

Despite the opportunities digital marketing provides to small businesses, many of them have dismissed the idea of using it all – which I think is a huge mistake.

If you fall into this category and feel that digital marketing just won’t work for you then let's reset and start looking at it from a different angle that won't have you and your digital marketing overwhelming you.

So, what can you do about feeling this way?

Stop and Regroup

If you feel overwhelmed and it's all just a bit much the best thing you can do is to stop what you are doing and regroup. It is important to recognise your need to re-set yourself and then take some time out to refresh your mindset and come back stronger…

Firstly, take a step away from the computer. There comes a time when you are no longer productive and continuing to work is just counterintuitive, so consider going for a walk or finding a quiet spot to meditate for ten minutes, I take my dog for a walk or pop out into our home gym and do a few 3-minute rounds on the punchbag. You’ll feel much better about it and will be able to come back to the task with a clearer focus.

In addition, working in short bursts is a great way to maximize your productivity levels and minimize overwhelm. For example, you might do twenty minutes of solid work and then take a short five-minute break.

Learn the Basics

In order to prevent overwhelm, it is important to familiarise yourself with the basics of digital marketing. Read up on the subject and then put together a plan of action that can be realistically achieved in your current schedule. There are lots of places you can start to understand digital marketing and this is a great starting point

Have A Digital Marketing Plan

Often when i talk to overwhelmed business owners and ask about their digital Marketing plan they look at me like I'm talking some alien language, I can't stress enough how important having a digital marketing plan is, it stops you just creating and hoping and getting stressed out by what to do next.

Creating a digital marketing plan isn't like writing war and peace but it will take a couple of hours if you have a digital marketing professional helping and guiding you.

It’s also certainly worth mentioning that many business owners make the mistake of trying to carry out every digital marketing method under the sun when they would actually be much better off focusing on two or three strategies that are most effective for their business. The quickest way to overwhelm is trying to do everything!


Digital Marketing is essential for any business and if it's not working for you it would be insane to stop trying, Creating a robust and focussed digital marketing plan will not only help you achieve your marketing goals but it will also take away all that stress and overwhelm.

If you need help with your digital marketing plan to give you focus and a way forward that will serve you and your business then feel free to see if I am the person to help you by booking in for a free call with me here 

Kevin Arrow
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Written by Kevin Arrow

Kevin Arrow is the CEO of the Online Visibility Academy where ethical entrepreneurs can train in digital marketing skills

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