Marketing for Small Business Owners

Marketing your business can be easy (if you know how) or seem like a dark art where you have to sacrifice your first-born just to gain a little traction. It doesn't have to be this way. Marketing your business becomes easier over time. And if you don't like it? Outsource it. 

The Main Types of Marketing

From Content Marketing to Webinar Marketing... There's many styles to suit your needs and goals. When you've found the right style of marketing for you the next step is becoming consistent. 

Marketing Leads to Sales

When you are consistent with your marketing, and you know what who you're selling to then your marketing leads to sales.

Sales is just a conversation

People will tell you it's more, and it is, but it's also just a conversation. The pressure people apply isn't needed when you serve.

There's enough for everyone

The best sales come from an abundant mindset. There's enough for everyone. 

Webinar Marketing

Marketing via webinar is a great way to talk to many people at once. It's not art or science. It's practice. 

Email Marketing 

Keep yourself constantly at the top of your prospects minds with email

Content Marketing 

Content marketing is powerful. It's something that all businesses do to showcase their expertise and attract customers. 

Social Media Marketing 

Social Media Marketing is using the powerful platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Visual Marketing 

Images are everything. They're what stops your mindless social media scrolling, it's what captivates your reader and persuades them to click... It's what you need to look at here:

Simple and easy.

Rebel Business Academy

The marketing training you'll love. Because it gets results. 

About Kevin Arrow

Black sheep of the family for being the only entreprenuer. He's a rebel entreprenur because he sticks two fingers up at getting a JOB, which stands for Just Over Broke. He's all for business and living the life of your dreams. Sound good? You're a rebel entrepreneur too...

Join the 5 Day sales Mindset Challenge

Because sales should be easy.

With the right mindset it is. 

Give me 5 days, and you'll have the best ever sales mindset. 

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