Leads And Linkedin 

Let's Generate Leads And Sales from LinkedIn,  Right Now!

There are two types of people online... Those that constantly hustle for new business and those that use LinkedIn.

Which one are you? 

If you're here looking to generate more leads from LinkedIn then you're in the right place. Don't worry about all the other "must-do" tasks - if you don't have enough sales you don't have a business, and this amazing training will help you laser focus on LinkedIn lead generation. 

Why bother using LinkedIn to get new clients? Isn’t it that stuffy old platform built back in the dark ages populated by men in suits? Why on earth would you want to market your business there? Isn’t Facebook all the rage these days?

Well, marketing on LinkedIn is something that’s never gone out of fashion. In fact, Google Trends shows us it’s the only type social media marketing that’s growing. Leads and Linkedin is going to put you ahead of the curve.

How would it feel to not only be ahead of the game, but have a sales funnel full of leads?

Can you imagine how your business will grow when you know exactly what to post and share on LinkedIn? Can you visualise being incredibly visible so that prospects message you and ask about how you can help them?  Can you imagine having our support to help you achieve your LinkedIn goals in the next 30 days?

Leads And Linkedin

As a community of 450 million business professionals you’re in the right place to find people looking for your services. Our clients find that they can generate leads from LinkedIn within 4 days using the Leads from LinkedIn strategy (scroll to the bottom of this page to watch Susan's testimonial).

If you need to get more clients pretty darn quick then Leads and LinkedIn is for you.

Let me reassure you, this isn’t an aggressive messaging system or technique that will make your skin crawl. If you've read this far I know you're a bit like me and this agressive marketing makes you want to curl into a ball in the corner! This is about building your influence so you can generate all the business you desire using LinkedIn and still sleep at night.

As the LinkedIn platform has been bought by Microsoft, you know there’s going to be significant investment into it. It's also GDPR compliant which is a must have when marketing your business these days . What are you waiting for? Permission? Consider it granted (although, you'll find you don't really need it when you Follow the Arrows).




With bite-sized actions! Let us hold your virtual hand and walk you around LinkedIn and show you how getting leads will be easy for you. Each Day you will get an email from us giving you a strategic action to take.


We will guide you through Pulse showing you how to create certain types of Pulse articles that will get you the right kind of attention and traffic and will build your opportunities


Strategic networking actions that increase your visibility with dream clients and build your relevant network and connections. What’s not to love?


Share your journey with like-minded business owners in a specially created support group. Gain feedback and suport, ask your questions and be part of our community getting success from Linkedin

You'll love the elegant simplicity involved in the Leads and LinkedIn training. From what to write, to where to write it. You'll love that you get full training in all the aspects of LinkedIn and the the sites related to it. What's more, you'll love how easy it becomes for you to generate warm leads for your business.


Although I've been on LinkedIn in for years I never really put any energy into making it work for me. To be honest I wasn't quite sure how to go about it as I had built up a belief that I needed to be uber-professional to a point of being stuffy and without personality. I signed up for the LinkedIn and Leads course to help me get started with utilising my network there. Coming in daily emails the course gave great prompts and ideas, and I immediately started to get useful connection requests from what I was doing. Within a week I had received my first enquiry directly from what I'd done on Day 1. I couldn't ask for a better return on my investment! And I am very grateful to Sarah and Kevin for both the course content, and their support along the way. Lottie Moore

Lottie Moore International FireWalker

I've been using Kevin's Leads And Linkedin course to promote my new website. I'm not a techy person and my brain tends to curl when website jargon is bandied about.So I was very pleased to discover everything on the course was laid out in simple steps that even I could understand. Kevin's recommendations were good, all the links worked, and my website is doing well.Thanks Kevin!

Charlotte Fleming Freelance Copywriter

I'd like to report that my increased activity on here has led to 2 face to face meetings being booked in the diary. And I only got to day 3!

Tracey Jane Hughes , Inspirational Consultant

Proof if you needed it!Just a slight 24hr delay between Day 3 and Day 4, but here are my results so far. They don't include a discovery call last night with a prospect who has been following me for a while on Twitter then saw my first post on cold calling. She then clicked not he link to jump on a call with me. She is totally in my sweet spot too!Also just responded back to a guy who shared the same post and asked to connect. I sent him a reduced "thanks for connecting how may I help" message, and he came back asking for rates as he is interested in coaching for his sales and telesales people. Just waiting for the date and time.If you are struggling to find the time to do this training, then ditch something else to make time. It works, and it works quickly!

Susan Marot,
succeed at Selling  
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