Keyword Training: Be Found By Buyers Actively Seeking Your Products & Services

People tell their secrets to the Search Engines

They ask them things like “Where can I get a mohair jacket? Or, “Where can I find my local martial arts club?” They even ask things like “How do I get found online?” “How do I generate more leads for my business” or “how do I get more website traffic?”.

Welcome to Keyword Kaizen

Whether it’s a search engine or a search box, keywords or keyphrases are how people find the things they’re looking for. They ask the search facility a question and they are shown answers.

If you want more traffic, more visibility then you need to know what keywords are used.

But… Not all keywords are created equally. Some lead to sales and others lead to subscribers. The keywords you use in business should lead to you. 

What’s Included in Keyword Kaizen?

What Keywords are and why they’re important to you, your cusomers and your business.

Actionable keyword training –  You’ll love how quickly you can get Keywords into your content and keep track of them!

8 videos that you can watch at your own pace. Pause the videos and take notes for better keyword impact!

Keywords can seem like a puzzle so our Keyword training shows you how to fit the parts together.

Course book, worksheets and Keyword Planner so you can action what you’re learning. Ready to print off and re-read whenever you need a refresher.


Kaizen means continious improvement. You’ll have your personal keyword strategy to take you forward at the end of the training.

Super support in our Community

SQ questions community so you can ask any questions you have and get an answer live. Of course, if you can’t make a live session you can email your question in and watch the catch-up later. You can also jump on the call and share your wins with the community!

What Graduates of the Keyword Kaizen Training Say

Alice Elliott

Alice Elliott

Blog Consultant

What Sarah doesn’t know about keyword usage isn’t worth knowing. Her business growth and popularity are living proof of her success with keywords. This course pinpoints the minutiae and yet makes everything appear to be so effortless. Yet we all know her vast knowledge is a goldmine if you want to make headway with the search engines. An essential course for anyone using digital marketing.

Shelley Fishel

Shelley Fishel

Microsoft Trainer

Keyword Kaizen is a must have programme for any business owner or blogger who runs their own business. If you need to do your own SEO and wonder what all the fuss is about and what all those funny acronyms are and what they do, then Keyword Kaizen will enlighten you in a way that you can immediately relate to and more importantly put into practice.

Sarah Arrow takes you through from start to finish so that you understand the terminology and what to do. Invaluable if you are doing it yourself or if you outsource you will know exactly what you want done

Keyword Training Course Content

Starting With Keywords

Lesson 1: Introduction

Meet your trainer and discover how to get the maximum results from your keyword training

Lesson 2: How Search Engines Work

Gain a deeper insight into how search engines work, and who they love giving traffic too. Often, it’s not what you think!

Lesson 3: Why SEO is Necessary

Not only why SEO is neccesary, but what it is and what it isn’t and how it’s evolved into content marketing

Lesson 4: Designing Your Content with Search Engines in Mind

The basics of content design and who you should be designing it for and why… You’ll love how this video transofrms the way you create ontent in the future.

Finding & Using Keywords

Lesson 5: How to Perform Keyword Research to Find the ‘Right’ Keywords for Your Content

Not all keywords are good ones! This session will show you how to find the right ones for your business.

Lesson 6: Keyword tools and how to use them

In this over my shoulder video you’ll see a keyword search performed and analysed. You’ll love how easy it all becomes for you. You’ll even start choosing your own keywords.

Lesson 7: Measuring and Tracking Your<br />Efforts

How do you know if all your keyword research is paying off? You don’t without measuring and tracking your efforts. This video shares how.

Lesson 8: Conclusion and next steps

It’s a wrap! You’ve completed the keyword training and got your list of keywords… What happens next?

Bonus Keyword Planner

As well as the coursebook, the worksheet and the activities to help you discover your own keywords, you’ll also have this bonus keyword planner, complete with tracking pages and content guides. You’ll love how easy it now is to use keywords impactfully.

How Much Is the Investment in Keyword Kaizen?

Have some Questions?

Do I have to purchase additional tools?

No. This keyword training program shows you how to use a free keyword tool and suggests others as well. At some point you might want a paid keyword tool, but one isn’t need for this training.

I'm tech averse? Can I do this?

Our training portal is state of the art, and designed with learners in mind. If you can open an email and click a link you can do this.

I'm starting out, is this for me?

Yes! Start your business visibility the right way by understanding how keywords work and the importance of them in your business.

I'm a marketing expert...

This keyword training is self-study and for personal use only. You will love how you’re found better and how this joins up a lot of the marketing dots for you.

I'm an expert in SEO...

This is a beginners level keyword training. This isn’t suitable for an SEO expert, or someone planning to become an SEO expert. There’s more to SEO than keywords! Send us a message and see if we are taking one to one clients.

Why is this so affordable?

We make a point of all our entry-level programs being under £50 so you can get started right away and not get into debt to get the business results that you need. If you want extra hand-holding and support you can book that option. Again, it’s very reasonably priced! You’ve got a great quality keyword training course at a great price. Is it worth more? Of course it is, and if you think it’s worth more then please give the difference in the form of a donation to the homeless and your local food banks.

Can I outsource this?

Of course! We recommend you do the training so that you understand what you need when it comes to Keywords. You can then outsource easily as you know what to look for and how accurate it all is.

Do I have to use Keywords all the time?

Nope. There will be some content that’s just for you, and some that’s for customers. Not every piece of content is about keywords. At the end of the Keyword Kaizen training you’ll have a stronger understanding of when and where to use them.

How do I pay?

We take payments online through our shopping cart. You might see an offer that will enhance your training experience. You will be able to pay by Credit Card using Stripe, or using PayPal. An account isn’t need for you to pay with a credit card.

What happens after I book the training?

Within 15 minutes you’ll have an email from us with your logins to the Online Visibility Academy. Check your spam folder if you don’t see it. You can click the link, login and start the keyword training straight away! Even at 3am if you wish.

What if I have questions?

We do regular live calls known as “SQ Questions”. You’re welcome to attend live or email your questions and we’ll answer live.
If you prefer a more tailored, unique to you experience, choose the upgraded option that includes 3 coaching calls that are exclusive to you.

We’re here to support you in growing the business of your dreams, so you can reach out safe in the knowledge that we will help you at whatever levels you need.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Believe in karma? We do too! If you recommend us to your friends and fellow entrepreneurs, not only will we be grateful, we’ll give you 40% of the sale (after taxes) as a thank you. When you get your logins, hit reply to the email and let us know you’d love to be an affiliate.

How Much Is the Investment in Keyword Kaizen?

TJ Hughes

TJ Hughes

Business Coach

I’ve worked through keyword worksheets, and tutorials before. Some with Sarah (or whatever name you want to insert). However this Keywork Kaizen brings EVERYTHING together, and with the walkthrough videos it’s the perfect package for beginners as well as those who need to review their keywords. Keywords are just that – key words for the successful online growth of your business. If you’re serious about growth, this programme will ensure you take the next step to grow your business. Thanks for making what is often confusing simple
Alice Andreat

Alice Andreat

Livestream Expert

Overall amazing experience!!! The live Q & A sessions were fabulous, I gained so many new insights and much needed clarity!

Going through the work books, they are so detailed!!! It was tough to complete some of the tasks and answers some of the questions… it was a tough love (lol) I really needed to get clarity.

Wow…it felt like the whole course was one big bonus!

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