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So many Microbusiness owners that I speak to break out into cold sweats when they think about having to talk about their prices.

You go on a discovery call with someone who has instigated it, you offer a free session that someone has taken you up on but when it comes to talking about deepening that relationship into a ‘paid for’ environment the feel of the conversation changes.

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Be honest how many of you have felt this way?

I’m not going to go into your own self-worth but take a very pragmatic stand on this point. If you are in business you have to make money, If you don’t make an offer for someone to buy from you, you will not make money it’s simple really. So the question then moves onto

How can i discuss money without feeling uncomfortable about it?


The very first thing to do is to talk to yourself about it, now this isn’t you going mad or jubbering away in the corner whilst sipping a cold cup of broth but by saying it out loud ‘I charge xxxx for this service’ will help you, you have verbalised your intent , it becomes more real and you will have to say this to a prospect so by telling yourself in the mirror, talking to your beloved pet or singing it out in the shower you will feel totally at ease with those words coming from your lips.

The more you speak these words the easier you will find it, this isn’t some weird mumbo jumbo it’s a fact.


This isn’t new or even unheard of but it works yet most think it doesn’t, it’s something I have to actively practice not just when talking rates but with all conversations. Whether you are on the phone, on skype writing an email or face to face your tone changes when you smile (so does the tone of your typing). It helps convey confidence and allows you to communicate with authority not to mention professionalism.

Avoid being wishy washy.

Listen to yourself when you are speaking to potential clients, Do you say things like ‘well normally I charge….’ or ‘actually my rates are…’ with lots of stumbling or stuttering, ummms and arrrsss. How would that sound to you?  Would it fill you with confidence that this is what is being offered and that they are confident in the delivery?

Be confident in yourself that you do have a product or service that is not just ok but fantastic, that it will deliver what is asked of it or you not only to the minimum levels but way beyond the expectations that your client has. under promising and over delivering is a powerful tool to have and knowing you have this in your back pocket will fill you with confidence.

Pull your shoulders back, stand or sit straight and smile as you deliver your offer, they will feel your confidence and will then feel confident in you.


Be silent.

When we’re nervous or feeling intimidated, we tend to talk. We want to fill the silence with something, anything, just to avoid having to sit there uncomfortably and wonder what the other person is thinking.

But guess what? He or she can feel just as uncomfortable with the silence.  When you’re talking price, avoid the urge to fill the silence (especially because you’re most likely to try to justify your pricing) and let your potential client take time to respond.

You have to let your prospect digest the information, to process whats been said and to formulate their response, filling the silence will only make the chance of a yes go further away from you then you will lose control of the conversation.


Will speaking with confidence always land you a new client? No. But being able to share your pricing in a clear voice will help potential clients know that you’re confident in your skills, and that even if you are not right for them right now or in the future that what you have to offer is something worth remembering.

To your success

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Kevin Arrow

Kevin Arrow is the CEO of the Online Visibility Academy where ethical entrepreneurs can train in digital marketing skills