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How to Become Confident at Running Webinars

Whenever you start something new it often feels like a mountain to get to where you want to be.

It's just like riding a bike

I remember teaching my girls to ride their bikes, they started off with small bikes, they had stabilisers on the wheels so the bike didn't fall over, they needed to feel good about trying something new, Eventually they became more confident so the stabilisers came off, of course they wobbled , they even fell off a couple off times (only to be expected) But very quickly they were whizzing around like they had been riding bikes forever. They felt amazing and they had learnt a new skill.

Where did The Sound Go?

When I ran my first ever webinar, I had researched it, how to present, what topics to deliver, which software to use the list goes on and on and that's before i even got near to a webinar room. My first ever webinar was a disaster, I did the whole thing with the sound off so nobody could hear a wor i was saying, back then the webinar software was nowhere near as advanced as it is now so I was blissfully delivering my webinar to a gradually declining audience that couldn't hear a word I was saying.

I learn't a lot after that webinar and every webinar since I have learnt something new. My webinars now are so much better than my very first one but that's the process, we learn as we go, research, understand and implement so each one is better (hopefully) than the last.

Be Prepared

Running your first webinar will be the same for you (well hopefully not the same sound issue ) in the sense that you will learn and improve as you go but to get that first one under your belt you need to prepare. The researching phase is really important to start to formulate your own way of running your webinars, to learn from the mistakes others have made so hopefully you won't make the same ones but just as importantly to watch what is working for others , which formats you really enjoy and the type of style you want to  present your webinars in. You can easily do this simply by watching other people present and making some notes as to what you liked and what you didn't.

Test your webinar software before you go live. This sounds like a no-brainer tip, but many first-time webinar hosts don't do this. Practice, practice, and then practice some more. Give your webinar to some friends and get their input. Perform your webinar so many times that you are familiar with the software and the experience inside out, for both your viewpoint and the point of view of your attendees. Practice makes perfect, so get to know your webinar software and your content intimately before you go live.

Don't Forget to Be Yourself

You have a lot to learn to become confident in giving webinars. There is the software you have to figure out. What happens if there is a technical glitch? What if no one shows up? What if your slides stop working or your internet goes wobbly on you?

With all of these things to think about, it makes absolutely no sense for you to make your workload greater by attempting to pretend you are someone you are not.I said earlier to watch others and learn, that doesn't mean mimic them it means learn their techniques and adapt them so they become part of your own unique style.


You will develop confidence and ability giving webinars when you act like yourself, and no one else. You are a unique individual, and webinars have a wonderful way of letting your one-of-a-kind personality shine through. Be yourself and not only will you feel more comfortable giving the webinar, but your interaction with your attendees in the future will be more genuine, and that is what people connect with … people who are unique and genuine.

If you are still in the research phase or  have run 1 or 2 webinars and would like my FREE 7 webinar templates then go grab them now.

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