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Attention. We all want it. We all have it.

We consume all and every kind of content about attention from how to get it to how to stretch it to how to get more of it. And in consuming this content we absorb some lies

  • Attention spans are getting shorter – No they're not. They just won't tolerate boring, bullshit content any longer
  • Video is the only way you can gain popularity – Nope. The most popular piece of content online is a quiz.
  • You must be slim, young, and attractive to get attention – No, another big fat lie. Remember Chewbacca Mask Lady? She was 37 at the time of recording and she holds the record for the most viewed livestream ever.

The truth is that these lies fuel the narrative that says we're not worthy of attention. That our content is not worthy of attention.


Think to your attention for the moment.

  • Do you binge-watch a boxset or TV series?
  • Read a trilogy of books?
  • Read a series of books AND watch the box set? A Game of Thrones anyone?
  • A series of films?
  • Seinfield re-runs?

Attention spans are not getting shorter. The threshold for bad content has got higher. This means your content needs to be better, faster, stronger especially if you're going to create a content series.

Does this mean you should never attempt to create content series?

Hell no. It just means you will need to plan strategically and focus your energy. The good news is, the more frequently you create your content the better you will become.

The Content Series

The 30 Day Blogging Challenge is a series. It's 30 blog posts, videos and roadmaps shared via email for 30 days. That's a lot of attention-holding.

The 30 Day blogging Challenge works so well because it's evolved since it was first delivered online in 2007. The value shared in the blogging challenge is worth more than blogging courses sold at £997.

The blogging challenge content series takes you from bystander to participant to champion. It feels strong and powerful and attracts those that want power pulsing through their own content.

There are 5 steps to planning your content series, and plan it you should. It's not an easy post, like a list post, to pull together. You need to get your ducks in a row before you create and share. This free roadmap and 5 steps will help you get your content series done!

[sociallocker]  Content Series Roadmap <— Right-click and “save-as” to your desktop.

Need more help with the blogging challenge? Check out the Blogging Challenge Companion Guide  [/sociallocker]

Step one: Your Content Series Goals

Common goals for web content are

  • Collecting email addresses
  • Increasing traffic to your website
  • Increasing brand awareness

Your content series will also position you as a leader in your field or industry.

Decided your content series goals and write them on your roadmap.

Step 2: Decide Your Series Theme

When putting together the blogging challenge the theme was simple; what does someone need to know in order to no longer be a beginner with content?

All the content in the blogging challenge is aimed at growth. There's also the secondary theme of encouragement.

Decide what the theme of your series is, and what sub-themes (if any) there are.

Step 3: Structure Your Series

George RR Martin didn't wake up one morning and decide he was going to write 8 books describing the worst of humanity and throw in a dash of wolves and dragons.  He started with a structure and grew it from there.

You can read a Game of Thrones, the first book, or start with A Clash of Kings. Although they're a series they also stand alone.

Each post in your series needs to be good enough to stand alone and yet be part of a bigger whole.

Each post in your series needs to be structured the same. You also need to balance the length of the posts. Will it seem weird if you open your content series with a 10-word post and finish it with a 3,000-word post?

  • Will the series have a similar headline?
  • Will there be a visual connection?
  • Will you link to the first post in the series?
  • How will you connect the series together?
  • What will the cliffhanger be?
  • Will you encourage people to opt-in for just this series of content?
  • Will you write one post in your series at a time or write in a batch?

The Blogging Challenge was originally written one post at a time. We made it up based on feedback from the participants as we went along.

The Blogging Challenge 2020 was written in a batch over 3 weeks. The 13 years of experience means that we were able to go from one post at a time to batch writing. You may have the experience to write a batch, you may prefer one post at a time.

Add your answers to your roadmap

Step 4: Calls to Action

Calls to action in a content series can be complicated. The calls to action in each piece of content will lead to the next post. But what happens when you finish the series? Where will your readers be guided?

Add your answers to the roadmap.

Step 5: Publishing & Promoting Your Series

Pressing publish is a big step for your content series. You might want to announce it on Facebook or with a livestream. You might want to create some promotional videos.

You will also want to create a landing page for the series and add the links as they become published. Whether this is for your internal use, or for everyone to see is up to you.

Your content series isn't limited to blog posts. You can also edit them into a book. People pay for convenience. The Blogging Challenge Book has been around since 2014. The emails are free, but the book is not. It now has a companion guide, and a planner, and a course that's part of it. All of these additions have taken time.

The companion guide didn't even exist until February 2020!

Your content series will require ongoing promotion. Tools like MissingLettr and Promo Republic make this easy. We use a combination of these tools to promote our content.

Decide on how you will publish and promote your series. Add the details to your roadmap.

Now you have your content series plan… All you have to do is create it!

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Written by Kevin Arrow

Kevin Arrow is the CEO of the Online Visibility Academy where ethical entrepreneurs can train in digital marketing skills

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