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Thinking Of Recorded Or Automated Webinars Then Read This First

You may have guessed by now I love webinars and delivering master class training when they are done the right way, with you the viewer in mind.  Once you have run your first webinar it becomes addictive (in a good way) the excitement of sharing your skills and expertise and interacting with people  has such a great feel about it, however you can’t always be everywhere at once so pre-recorded webinars start to pop up on your radar as something you may be interested in running.

Pre-recorded webinars are in my opinion an essential part of marketing your business, however like all techniques and strategies there are the right ways and the wrong ways to run them, in this post I am going to share with you both sides of the pre-recorded webinar story and you can make your mind up as to whether it’s for you or not.

The Reasons For Running  Pre Recorded Webinars

A recorded webinar gives you a way to offer free, valuable content to a targeted audience for as long and often as you want it to run for. This means that your viewers can watch it when it’s convenient to them and for you, well you have an awesome training that is running and working for you when you are off doing other things in your life or business.

You build your email list automatically. You absolutely must be building a list of people that are interested in what you have to say or offer. Webinars have shown to be really effective for building an email list pretty quickly, an automated or pre recorded webinar will work without complaint for your business.

Automatically create a product you can sell. As long as you add some really incredible value and information that appeals to a target audience, a recorded webinar becomes a product you can sell that helps people. You can use a live webinar as the basis to edit then re use as a pre recorded webinar then again package it into a mini product.

You save time. Host and record a webinar once, and you can use it for marketing, sales, building an email list, and for any other number of business benefits.When you have multiple automated webinars running you really do start to build something quite special that is like an employee that doesn’t need breaks or even sleep and continues to help you build your business.

You increase conversions  – webinars whether live or automated convert at a very high rate, why? because they get to at the very least hear your voice, sometimes see you on camera and then they get the follow-up communications via email. These 3 parts accelerate the trust process and allow people to make a decision much quicker because they feel they know you much better.

Trust and authority building – when you run a webinar that is focussed on value and not selling or self-promotion then your audience will trust you a whole lot quicker than if you don’t. Automated webinars give you the same effect they will feel more connected to you having heard what you have to say.

The Not So Good Things

Recorded webinars that are offered as live webinars are just wrong and misleading. There’s a special feeling to live conference calls and webinars. Don’t ever advertise a recorded webinar as live or your audience will see through your “fake” marketing message, and you can do a lot of damage to your business.

There is no sense of urgency. When your audience knows a webinar has been recorded (and you should never mislead your prospects by marketing a recorded webinar as live- it needs saying twice), they don’t feel like they have to listen right now. They will often put off listening until a later date, and never end up benefiting from your webinar content.

Your content can become stale. The Internet is a rapidly changing business model. Because of this, the information you give in a webinar may not be relevant only months or even weeks after you recorded the webinar. This means a pre-recorded webinar can be irrelevant to your listeners rather quickly in some cases.


Using webinars wether they are live or pre-recorded is a fantastic way to build your email list, to build your reputation and to get people into your sales funnels . Providing you use them the RIGHT way your audience often won’t care if it’s pre-recorded or not as long as the webinar delivers on its promise. you also have to keep at the very heart of all you do with webinars the following question

‘How would I feel if I were to watch this webinar?’

If your answer is you felt good, maybe you felt you learned something or even just felt better off having watched that webinar then you have your webinar nailed.

Let me know your experiences of live webinars Vs pre-recorded webinars in the comments below


business marketing using webinars

How to Become Confident at Running Webinars

Whenever you start something new it often feels like a mountain to get to where you want to be.

It’s just like riding a bike

I remember teaching my girls to ride their bikes, they started off with small bikes, they had stabilisers on the wheels so the bike didn’t fall over, they needed to feel good about trying something new, Eventually they became more confident so the stabilisers came off, of course they wobbled , they even fell off a couple off times (only to be expected) But very quickly they were whizzing around like they had been riding bikes forever. They felt amazing and they had learnt a new skill.

Where did The Sound Go?

When I ran my first ever webinar, I had researched it, how to present, what topics to deliver, which software to use the list goes on and on and that’s before i even got near to a webinar room. My first ever webinar was a disaster, I did the whole thing with the sound off so nobody could hear a wor i was saying, back then the webinar software was nowhere near as advanced as it is now so I was blissfully delivering my webinar to a gradually declining audience that couldn’t hear a word I was saying.

I learn’t a lot after that webinar and every webinar since I have learnt something new. My webinars now are so much better than my very first one but that’s the process, we learn as we go, research, understand and implement so each one is better (hopefully) than the last.

Be Prepared

Running your first webinar will be the same for you (well hopefully not the same sound issue ) in the sense that you will learn and improve as you go but to get that first one under your belt you need to prepare. The researching phase is really important to start to formulate your own way of running your webinars, to learn from the mistakes others have made so hopefully you won’t make the same ones but just as importantly to watch what is working for others , which formats you really enjoy and the type of style you want to  present your webinars in. You can easily do this simply by watching other people present and making some notes as to what you liked and what you didn’t.

Test your webinar software before you go live. This sounds like a no-brainer tip, but many first-time webinar hosts don’t do this. Practice, practice, and then practice some more. Give your webinar to some friends and get their input. Perform your webinar so many times that you are familiar with the software and the experience inside out, for both your viewpoint and the point of view of your attendees. Practice makes perfect, so get to know your webinar software and your content intimately before you go live.

Don’t Forget to Be Yourself

You have a lot to learn to become confident in giving webinars. There is the software you have to figure out. What happens if there is a technical glitch? What if no one shows up? What if your slides stop working or your internet goes wobbly on you?

With all of these things to think about, it makes absolutely no sense for you to make your workload greater by attempting to pretend you are someone you are not.I said earlier to watch others and learn, that doesn’t mean mimic them it means learn their techniques and adapt them so they become part of your own unique style.


You will develop confidence and ability giving webinars when you act like yourself, and no one else. You are a unique individual, and webinars have a wonderful way of letting your one-of-a-kind personality shine through. Be yourself and not only will you feel more comfortable giving the webinar, but your interaction with your attendees in the future will be more genuine, and that is what people connect with … people who are unique and genuine.

If you are still in the research phase or  have run 1 or 2 webinars and would like my FREE 7 webinar templates then go grab them now.







Live Webinars

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Running Webinars In Your Business

Imagine this. You are searching the web, looking for information or help on a particular subject. You come across a great blog post. You read it and feel like you really got some value from the content. You keep searching, and you come across a sign-up page for a webinar covering the exact material you’re looking for as well.

You sign-up, attend and get to hear an expert talk about the topic of your interest. After you signed up for the webinar, you received a free gift that was relevant to the information you searched for. You were able to ask questions during the webinar and learn from the answers to questions asked by others just like you.

When the webinar was over, your host reached out to you through helpful emails, made a value-rich offer that helped you solve a big problem in your life, and then continued to provide more valuable and free information that you found very helpful.

How would your customers and future clients feel having experienced this?

The answer is simple – the webinar process is more personal and offers so many more opportunities to help someone answer questions and solve problems. That is one of the big benefits of using webinars in your business – you are able to help your audience in a much deeper way.

The following 7 reasons why you should be using webinars to build your business are essential for helping both you and your viewers

1 – Connection With Your Audience

When you run a live webinar you are there in the moment with your audience, you can show your personality and start some rapport with those that are attending. This takes your relationship with your audience to a much deeper level, they get to hear you, maybe even see you but they also get the opportunity in most cases to ask questions and hear your answers there and then.

Building this type of connection is almost as good as meeting a group in person, in fact often because the audience is in a familiar and relaxed environment they feel much more able to interact with you and gain even more value from the webinar itself.

2 – You Can Reduce Your Marketing Costs

Most webinar software companies offer free trials of their software which allows you to get ahead of the game in regards to cost. If you plan it properly you can have 2/3 webinars out running and earning you money before you even pay a penny for the software itself so it becomes self-funding.

Once you work out your traffic funnel for your webinar you will see other marketing costs go down as this will become a primary lead generation activity for you.

3 – You Can Turn Your Webinar into a Product

Study after study shows that online business owners often complain they don’t have a product to sell. When you host a free webinar, you automatically have a product that you can sell time and time again, and of course the more you run the more products you will have. With a bit of clever editing, you can turn it even into a multi-module course of more bite sized chunks rather than an hour block at a time.

Running your webinars with this in mind can be a real motivation to carry on delivering your webinar content time and time again.

4 – You Build Your Email List

Free webinars may be one of the most effective, low-cost ways to build your email list. When you run a webinar especially a free webinar people attending expect to put their email address in, its been this way for as long as I can remember. With the new GDPR rules its important to set your expectations with those that register to let them know you will be sending them more emails in the future revolving around the topic of the webinar. So for example, if we ran a webinar (which I actually did) on ‘How to create an epic blog post’ the people that attended were told that by subscribing they would be sent more information in the future regarding content creation and blogging. This then lets us (dependant on the software you use) add these people into a segmented list to only send emails on this type of subject.

Hyper targetted marketing is and always has been the best way to market so working this way really ticks the box for successful email campaigns in the future.

5 – You Become an Authority Figure in Your Market

Even if you are scared as can be to run a webinar, your audience doesn’t know this. They look up to you as an authority figure in your field. Remember the vast majority of people only care about the content of the webinar. If you have followed the suggestions in this blog post regarding avoiding mistakes when running your first webinar  then you will be prepared as much as you can be.

Remember your primary goal for your webinar will always be delivering amazing content/training get that bit right and any other small challenge you may face can be forgiven

6 – You Can Create an Income Sales Funnel

After you plan, host and complete a successful webinar, you have a powerful component of a sales funnel. You can use that same recorded webinar endlessly to promote the building of a passive income. What exactly does that mean? Think of it like this, and this is a very basic example.

  1. Your write a blog post
  2. Have An in content sign up to a free gift
  3. Send the free gift and offer the webinar recording as a low price entry to your service

It’s simple in this format and easily doable by most people. This is a very basic funnel and you can do alot more with this but it gives you the idea as to how it may fit into your site for you to make some sales.

7 – You Build Customer Loyalty

Webinars are great for attracting new customers and clients. They are also excellent for showing your current customer base that they matter to you. They are an easy way to deliver massive value and information to your customers, which builds client loyalty and leads to word-of-mouth referrals.

Being able to communicate directly via a live webinar is always really appreciated by your customers especially if you are selling products or training that have very little personal live training involved.


Webinars are still very very powerful when used properly in your business, of course, they are like all marketing systems never a ‘quick fix’ but as a long term strategy for building your reputation, gaining new clients and looking after your existing clients you will be hard pressed to find another way of achieving this.

We continue after all of these years to run webinars and like a lot of systems the more you do the easier you will find them if you are just starting out then you may like this FREE gift of 7 webinar templates to help you start off on the road to running successful webinars for your business


Live Webinars

5 Mistakes You Can Avoid When Running Your Live Webinars

You are thinking about webinars or have made the decision to use webinars to build and grow your business, you deserve a high 5. Webinars have higher CTRs, sales conversion rates and email list building abilities than many other online marketing methods. webinars are brilliant for so many reasons, however, you are nervous?. am I right?

Think about a form of marketing you are good at, something you enjoy that brings in results, it may be blog post writing, it may be live video or something else. Then think about the first time you ever attempted to do that?. Were you scared? Did you feel like you may end up hurting your business more than helping it?. You may have felt you would mess it up?

I remember when I first committed to running a webinar, putting it out publicly to say…hey come along I’m running a live webinar…. and it filled me with dread, I felt physically sick which just got worse when I got my very first subscriber to that webinar, it all became very real and very scary. back then webinars were quite new and technology wasn’t anywhere near as good as it is now.

These are common feelings when any business owner, large or small, learns to use a new tool that will build their business online and their reputation, we’ve all been there. however, there are things you can do to reduce that feeling. That will help you feel more comfortable and prepared to make sure that your first experience is a good one.

Let’s take a look at 5 common webinar marketing mistakes that happen all the time and importantly simple ways to avoid them, if at the very least you can think about these and learn to deal with them before you go live on your webinar you will be 5 steps ahead of me when I ran my very first live webinar for my business.

1 – Not Enough Planning Time

Slow down. You are no chomping at the bit to access the many benefits of webinars for building your business. However, when you don’t plan enough, test your webinar software and your script/slides and get comfortable first, you can do more damage than good for your business.

Running test webinars to get really comfortable with the software takes away so much stress when you run your first webinar, most people will take a glance and ‘wing it’ but I can tell you testing, testing and more testing will help you so much more than just going for it.

Test your slides, find a quiet time when you can run through, I will talk more about scripts in future blog posts but word for word scripts don’t work, they make you sound very robotic , your slides are there to guide you through your topic/ training and so, therefore, practicing with them will really help you out.

2 – Using Inferior/unstable  Webinar Software

It’s really important you reduce your tech problems before they crop up, the delivery from your software supplier should never be a worry nowadays, I’ve tested most of them and there are alot out there that are pretty good , there are also some that I just couldn’t get on with or didn’t provide the functionality that I wanted in my webinar.

Keeping your viewers at the front of mind when making a decision will always give you the steer that you need when choosing your platform. I use Demio

and i also us Easy Webinar

 3 – Settling for Inferior Audio

Webinars are video and audio-driven. In many cases, your videos are simple screenshots or slides. In every case, bad audio will kill the best webinar . In the testing phase, do whatever it takes to deliver high-quality audio. This means hosting your webinar from a quiet, calm, distraction-free environment, using a high quality microphone and capable webinar software.

Ensure that you have a wired connection to your internet so that the connection is as stable as possible and try to get the family if they are using the same internet connection to stop streaming Netflix or playing the latest online game. All of these things will help you get a stronger connection and deliver a more reliable audio.

People are very forgiving or poor visual quality but if the sound is poor they WILL leave in droves.

4 – Using a “Sell, Sell, Sell!” Mentality

Webinars work because people have fun. They are interacting with you and each other. There is a “right now”, “being part of a group” process that other marketing channels simply can’t replicate. Think of value, not sales. Provide incredible free value during your webinar. Don’t sell during the webinar “body”. If you do make an offer at the end of your webinar, be certain that what your webinar attendees pay in return for the value they receive is so attractive that they can’t pass up on the offer.

Don’t sell throughout your webinar. Leave that for your call to action.

If your ONLY goal for running a webinar is tosell throughout then you need to rethink your sales strategy as this just does not work.

5 – Limiting How Much Your Audience Can Participate and Interact

Why do people love attending live webinars? Because they want to be heard! They want their opinion noted, their questions answered, and their problems solved. Those webinars that allow your audience to interact and engage with you will always be your highest grossing and highest converting webinars, because you allow your prospects to be a part of the process.

For your first webinar it may be a good idea to keep the chat to you only, this stops streams and streams of conversations going on in the background that distracts you from the content you are delivering. you can, of course, get a partner in to help manage the chat and Often when I run a webinar Sarah will be in the chat answering and guiding the questions through. This really helps in keeping the webinar to time.

NOTE: – do not ignore your comments, I have been on many webinars where the chat was really lively yet the presenters totally ignored all the comments, This really won’t help you build your community and your relationship with your webinar viewers.


Of course there are more things you can think about when looking to run your first webinar and if you are interested in really becoming prepared then feel free to get my 7 Webinar Templates to really kick start your journey into webinars.