Welcome to the 30 Day Business Blogging Challenge

This is a marathon and not a sprint! To ensure you reach the finish line there are Content Roadmaps throughout the Blogging Challenge and your first one is underneath the video.

What's next?

Remember to check your spam folder if your welcome email is not in your main inbox. Emails will come from arrows at onlinevisibilityacademy.com  The most common issue with the blogging challenge is the emails, and we actively ensure they're delivered but you will have to check your spam and junk folder if we are not there. 99.9% of the time if an email is missing it's been delivered to the wrong folder in your email service. 

Throughout the blogging challenge there will be tool recommendations to speed things up for you. We've also noticed that many of our participants enjoy writing free-hand rather than just typing. With that in mind we also have the Blogging Challenge Companion Guide. With exclusive checklists and tracking sheets you'll master more of your blogging! 

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