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Kevin Arrow

Kevin Arrow is a veteran entrepreneur who started his first business venture in 1999. He supports Entrepreneurs and Business owners so they stay the distance.

Being the only entrepreneur in my family is tough. Every family gathering echoed with “Why don’t you get a real job?“. For 5 years my dad told people I was unemployed because that had less stigma than being self-employed!

Over the years my transport company won business awards for innovation and million pound contracts. Of course, this business reached its 10th-anniversary milestone.

After a near-death experience (a ruptured appendix at 39) I decided that I wanted to focus more of my time on working with my wife, Sarah, in her business. She had a great business model and an incredible following but needed someone with my skills and experience to grow more.

Helping Sarah restructure her business, sell profitable products and services was challenging. Yet immensely satisfying. I loved the variety of work, and the incredible clients. I loved the work-life balance – it’s amazing for both of us to be present for all of our daughter’s activities.

My defining moment was watching my martial artist daughters both win gold in Ju-Jitsu competitions. I knew how amazing it is to be a business owner in this day and age.

Raising Champions is my superpower. What’s yours?

FAQs About Kevin Arrow

The artist? No. There are several Kevin Arrows active online, including Kevin Arrow the artist based in Miami. Kevin Arrow the ice hockey fan in Canada, and the much quieter Kevin Arrow in the U.S Mid West. I’m the Kevin Arrow that had a successful transport company that had a bigger digital footprint than DHL, UPS & Fedex combined.

I’m very happily married to my childhood sweetheart, the content strategist Sarah Arrow. She’s responsible for “Brand Arrow” and the content strategy on this site.

Martial arts is an amazing life skill. My daughters are martial artists and National British Ju-Jitsu Champions. Martial artists have many things in common with successful business owners

  • Asking questions & thinking on your feet
  • Assessing situations before acting
  • Improving continuously
  • Discipline
  • Focus on goals
  • Get back up after being thrown on the mat

I know that it takes on average 10 years to become a black belt in your chosen martial arts discipline. When you reach the black belt status, you’re proficient in all the basic moves. Not everyone who starts martial arts will attain a black belt. Not every business owner will achieve 10 years in business. It takes commitment and focus to stay the distance.

The Business Success Dojo organises weekly events for business owners who want to level up and become black-belt entrepreneurs. These events have a unique format, and you’ll love this.

The Business Success Dojo organises monthly face to face training for business owners who wish to develop their business skills. These enable the attendee to get more leads and grow their business at the pace they’re comfortable with.

The Business Success Dojo boardroom meets on a monthly basis where they bring their issues to the mat. This day-long event happens once a month and includes lunch, breakout sessions and guest sensei who share their wisdom with the room. These are not your typical mastermind groups, because you’re not the typical business owner.


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