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8 Common LinkedIn Profile Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Using LinkedIn to grow your business is very effective. You can find new customers, partners, and connections. But, if you're just getting started with marketing on LinkedIn you will find these profile mistakes very easy to make, in fact, you've probably noticed them in other people's profiles already!

This infographic (please pin it to your Linkedin Pinterest board so you don't lose it) will walk you through the 8 most common Linkedin profile mistakes. The biggest, most common mistake is not having a photo at all. People connect with people, and when you don't have a photo you'll be overlooked.

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Using your LinkedIn profile to attract potential connections, get more clients, and even open up conversations will work if you take it seriously, fill it out completely, use professional language, the right keywords, and stay focused on what you want to do. When you get your profile right, you'll find the rest comes more easily 🙂

Kevin Arrow
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