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5 Ways to Repurpose Your Livestreams

Repurposing means taking a piece of content and changing it in some way to create new content that you can use for your marketing. A Livestream video is a one-time live event, but  it never goes to waste. You can use it as content for further promotion. Here are 5 ways to repurpose your Livestreams. 

1. Create Video Content

Record your Livestream and post it on YouTube, other video sites, and social media. It won’t be live, but it will still have value for your audience. They can watch it to learn tips and solutions to their problems.

You can also use a video of your event to promote the next one. In the description, include all the details of your next Livestream and give people a link where they can go to participate. 

If your livestreams are less than 10 minutes in duration you can upload and share them on LinkedIn.

If your livestreams are less than 60 minutes in duration you can upload and share them on Instagram.

If your livestreams are less than 15 minutes in duration you can upload and share them on YouTube. If you have a verified account, you can upload longer videos to Youtube

If your livestreams are less than 15 minutes in duration you can upload and share them on Pinterest. You can also turn your videos into video pins, or pin your You Tube videos directly

2. Cut Out & Share Soundbites

Edit your video into short clips, or sound bites, that you can post on social media. The ideal length is 30 seconds, but they can be shorter or longer if it suits the topic. Choose the best parts of your presentation where you’re offering the highest value.

Like your recording, these clips can be used to give a taste of the value and promote future events. One advantage of clips is that each is highly focused on a specific topic and you get more pieces of content you can use.

Camtasia is my favourite tool for editing videos and extracting soundbites. 

You can also perform simple edits in YouTube.

3. Turn Your Livestream into a Podcast

Podcasts are extremely popular today. People love to listen to their favourite entrepreneurs and learn when they’re on-the-go. You can take your video events and turn them into audio content.

Go over your presentation first and make sure there isn’t anything visual that listeners will miss. If there are visuals, you can edit them out or give listeners a link to the visual content for their reference.

Podbean Livestream is a handy tool to turn your Livestream into a podcast. Listeners can call in and you can offer up virtual gifts.

4. Repurpose into Blog Posts

You can transcribe your presentation into text and then extract text to use for blog posts. Choose bits that address a specific point, add an introduction and conclusion, and you have a high-value blog post.

You can also use a piece of your video as the springboard for creating a whole new blog post. You can take one point from the presentation and then expand on it. Try to choose a portion that had high engagement from your audience.

Sarah has a post on how to do this in more detail here:

5. Create Social Media Posts

Never run out of things to share on social media again! Like your video clips, you can take out snippets from your text to share as social media posts. Take an individual tip, point, bit of wisdom, or question and post it. These can be great discussion starters for your followers and members of your group.

Happy Scribe will help not only transcribe your Livestream content, but also caption it. Transcribing makes it quick and easy for you to create social media content. Just take your text and paste it into a Canva Template. 

Whenever you create a piece of content, you should always look for ways to get more mileage out of it by repurposing, and Livestream video is no exception. You lose the live aspect of it, but you can still get highly engaging content that shows your expertise, and viewers can still comment and talk to you about the content.

How are you going to repurpose your next Livestream?

Kevin Arrow
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