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Lets build an email list from scratch and generate some sales all within 30 days 

What Happens When You Sign Up


You'll Get Your First Email

from me, this is introducing you to how the challenge works. It's of course delivered by email so you can create a folder and store all of the emails so you have them to hand when you want them. 


Check your emails every morning

This challenge is delivered every morning to your inbox at approximatly 6am your time. With any challenge and we know as we have run challenges successfully for many years the key is to stay on top of daily tasks. 


Invited to our FB group

We do have a FB group just for this challenge as there may be questions, when i first launched this nearly 5 years ago we had alot of questions that we were more than happy to answer. The group also lets you interact with others going through the challenge so you can 'compare notes' 

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