14 Lead Magnet Ideas (That Will Attract The Right People to Your Email List)

Kevin Arrow

You've got your website online and the next step is to actively market your business. You're smart enough to know that giving away something of value can help you build your email list quickly. But what do you giveaway to show your audience that you understand their needs and that you're exactly the right person to help them?

14 Lead Magnet Ideas (That Will Attract The Right People to Your Email List)

1 – Make a simple PDF cheatsheet. OpenOffice, Word, and most other popular spreadsheet software programs have a “save as PDF” option. This makes turning any text-based resource into a lead magnet quickly and easily. As an entrepreneur your time is precious, and your subscriber's time is precious too – don't underestimate the power of a cheat sheet.

2 – Use Snagit, Screenr, or Screencast-O-Matic to record mini video training. Videos enjoy a much higher perceived value than text-based opt-in gifts. It allows you to build rapport and trust with your audience too.

3 – Record an MP3 file. The growth of podcasts means more and more people are listening to content rather than reading or viewing it. Audio content is perfect content for people on the go, and if your ideal customer is always on the go an MP3 will be most appreciated.

4 – Create a buyer's guide, walking someone through every step of a particular buying or shopping process. When you aid someone's decision-making process they'll be appreciative of the time you've saved them.

5 – Give out a valuable coupon that substantially discounts the price of one of your products. Not only is your lead magnet useful, but it also converts them from browser to buyer much quicker!

6 – Create a short 7-day problem-solving mini-course to be delivered by email. This can be via email only, via video, or even pdfs. Whatever your audience will love is what you should do.

7 – Free previews work great as list builders, and pre-sell your e-book or product. Give away a free chapter or module of your e-book or how-to course and you entice your new list member to purchase the entire product.

8 – Repurpose a blog post into a handy resource, add a checklist and a worksheet and you have an attractive teachable.

9 – Build a mobile app or piece of software that solves a big problem in your marketplace and then use it to list build. In the past, we've done this with WordPress plugins and it works very well.

10 – Checklists are simple to create, and your readers will absolutely love them. They know you know your stuff when you've got a checklist for a particular process.

11 – Perform a video review of a product or service. Show yourself actually benefiting from or using the product. Include your affiliate link, and your new list member might just become your newest customer as well.

12 – Give away a free consultation. You are perceived as a caring expert when you give away your valuable time to help someone else. Some entrepreneurs use these to sell, but it may be too soon in the relationship for certain types of products for this to work effectively.

13 – Interview an expert or guru in your field. Expert interviews make excellent lead magnets as well as enhancing your reputation.

14 – Access to a webinar or summit usually leads to high conversions as far as email sign-ups are concerned. as well as building your list, webinars are also excellent for selling products and services.

Bonus -15 – Create a FREE challenge, we have been build a list via our 5-day customer mindset challenge and our Content nitro challenge which is adding subscribers every day to our email list.

This should give you some great ideas to start thinking about what you have available within your content to create a fantastic email list building opt-in for attracting the right people to your list.

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Written by Kevin Arrow

Kevin Arrow is the CEO of the Online Visibility Academy where ethical entrepreneurs can train in digital marketing skills

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